Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Confidence Connection

Confidence is inner certainty you feel with your heart.  

Don't be afraid to think with your senses and feel with your mind. An athlete wins a race with her mind on the goal and pure sensual focus on the moment. Confidence is a mind/heart connection. It's inner balance of sensual awareness, dignity and an open mind

Gratitude is the confidence connection. It's an intuitive link. Without awareness and balance, fear and doubt are bullies that undermine confidence and our ability to Love. Confidence and love have a lot in common.  Gratitude resets your point of view. When you appreciate relationships in your life, the moments come together becoming more solid in your heart. You feel confident.

Do you need to win a race? Are you hungry for Love? Do you feel unable to find what you need? Think with your senses. Our senses are the connections with everything present in our lives. When you notice what you notice, an attitude of gratitude is a guaranteed confidence boost. It's simple. Start being grateful about one thing every day and watch your confidence grow.  

Notice what you sense to sync with change, tune-in to passion and feel momentum. Use an attitude of simple gratitude for your confidence connection. Be grateful about one thing before you go to sleep and... have better dreams. Wake up feeling good.

Gratitude is the intuitive way to remember what is right and good in your life. Being grateful gently opens your mind. No one controls your thoughts but you.

The fact is: to open your mind is to open your heart.

Living is not walking the path. It's creating the path you walk on. Walk with gratitude in your heart and you will be on solid ground

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