Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 Words

"With three words, I can sum up everything I know about Life: It goes on." ~Robert Frost

The only thing predictable is change.  

Everything in your life is part of a bigger picture of what's happening.  

Let your mind, body and spirit work together. You are amazing. Whatever you say is a story of this moment and a link to the next. Sense more. Feel vibrant. Speak your story, from the heart, with a smile on your lips

Living well requires us to stamp a sense of humor on the ticket of life and to keep moving. We all are in our own streams, powered by currents of responsibility or irony. Sometimes words just don't come easy. Truly, Life has a sense of humor.

Laughter is a natural reset button that keeps hearts and heads present. You are here. Laugh more. 

Change keeps happening, and words have limits. Tune-in to what you sense and what feels wise. When you want to share what's close to your heart, sometimes eye contact, a touch, sharing good food, silence or music is the language of choice. Communicate your way.

 I've started a list of 3 words that work together. Feel free to add your own:

I love you.

Don't stop, please.

I forgive you.

Only the truth.

This feels right.

Less is more.

Try again, now.

"Words Don't Come Easy.' FR David 


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