Sunday, February 25, 2018


photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Nostalgia is an intuitive nudge with a profound emotional echo. It has a gentle tenderness, like bathing in a faded truth. A flicker of inner light sparks something, a moment in time that deeply matters to you. For a quick-taste, your heart is there again.

Intuition drives action to do, think or feel something. Nostalgia is an intuitive cue to be thankful. Like a kiss that turns the world upside-down, there's a flame. In a flash of warmth we renew bonds with a time that matters.

Time is the fourth dimension and we are part of it. Intuitively, we are excited by energy of change and purpose. It's how we sync with timing. Sensing values that transcend time seals memories with passion. These memories become nuggets of nostalgia. 

Is nostalgia being in two dimensions at once? I don't know. When nostalgia drives you to learn about yourself and reconnect with what matters to your heart – that is beautiful.  For a glorious instant, you know what is realIt is a lucid moment.

In your tenderist heart, memories of love, peace and kindness are held
sacred and irrevocable. Nostalgia is a nuzzle of soul that stirs connections with memory and the choreography of change.

Sensing nostalgia is deeply personal. A sudden pull, connection or meaning floods the moment. There is a reason. There is a reason for everything. Intuitively you know the answers. Every person has the sense of curiosity in their heart. We wonder why we're here. We search our past for healing and rhythms of Justice. Nostalgia refreshes memory.

I heard a beautiful intelligent and compassionate talk about Nostalgia today at The Rubin Museum. I learned nostalgia is an intuitive nudge that everyone experiences. Being nostalgic is the transcendent experience of thinking sensually.

Humanity is a jewel. Every person is a facet of it. Time is held together by a seductive connection between our sun and the fiery heart of mother earth. Nostalgia is how we know private truths. It’s a soul caress that reminds us that Life is sacred.

Like all great passions, nostalgia is multidimensional. A nostalgic moment happens inside a different place. A touch, a scent, the light, music or a picture unlocks a dimension of time to swell the flicker of light in your heart.

This evening a wine glass gave me a flash of nostalgia. My inner-critic said: What an odd thing to remember. Then I knew why I was experiencing nostalgia – because that speck of time matters to me. I hugged the glimpse/feel/taste of it with my heart. I am so thankful.
Memories,  Barbra Streisand