Sunday, October 27, 2013

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is my current favorite app!  It gives a perspective that sparkles. It  shows the stars and tells me what I'm seeing. As I lie in bed in NYC, Zenith and Taurus are right over my head!  What does it mean? I don't know. I'm not an astrologer. All I know is it feels good to be aligned with those bright lights.

Light lifts our spirits, twirls away dark thoughts and makes corners cozy. Like music, light is a tool for opening our minds. Every one of us has starlight that we can feel, when we're open to the experience. It feels like affirmation of the parts of us that have not yet been realized. It's a connection with purpose and it's sensual. Sensual thinking helps you know yourself better.  That means you can satisfy yourself, better.

Times are not dependable! The only thing that we can depend on is the balance of sensual thinking. The balance of thinking with our senses and feeling iconic values like dignity and tenacity is our inner starlight.  It's time to move forward into the light of 21st century thinking. Intuitive values are the foundation of self-respect. Before we can love another fully, before we can be true to ourselves, before we can find genuine satisfaction in life - it's necessary to hook up with self-respect.  Self-respect is a quiet kind of feeling, solid in yourself, that guides wise decisions.

Protect yourself with sensual thinking. Inhale starlight with your eyes and trust the power of connecting with your dignity.  Dance more, stress less. The sparkles in starlight might be humor or they might be love. Have fun!

Check out Google Sky Map app. It's open sourced and easy on a smart phone or a tablet. Use it anytime to be aware of starlight shining on you! It's always here.  Everyone all over the world sees the same stars. Make a wish.

Reconnect with your inner  child and enjoy the wonder of our twinkling universe.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is Faith?

Faith is trusting the purpose of the moment. It's doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way. Faith is not blind.

With faith in what is good, we can do so much to improve our health by respecting the planet and being part of all alive on it. Everyone is born with natural faith in what feels right.

Daily life is a circus of wonder and challenge. Every day there is something new to juggle. Keep your eyes, ears and heart alert.

Faith is not being able to see the future, but it is being clear about what you're doing to create it. This means if you're screwing something, make sure you turn the screwdriver in the right direction.

The past is over.  Move forward toward what feels right. Universal values are coded into your DNA.  You have the magic. Respect intuitive values like dignity, courage and love to stay clear about what matters. Freedom matters.

Faith is lucid living in our Virtual Age. Learning isn't just for children. The tuition we pay for the school of life is aging. Attendance isn't optional. The flow is  unpredictable and the impossible happens. Everything changes. Keep a sense of humor.

Multi-tasking constantly, we sense our own multi-dimensionality and feel with out minds. In playful and powerful ways we are experiencing the lucid presence of quantum technology and our own profound need to live with harmony.

Tuning to global values is really finding your groove.  It's what brings confidence to pick yourself up when you've hit a wall.  Intuition keeps you tuned to your heart.  An intuitive nudge to be tenacious opens a window to freedom and the responsibility to consider options. Maybe, trusting your gut is what faith is, too.

Instead of being guided by fear of the unknown, faith is clarity about goals. It's being led by energy that makes sense because it feels like self-respect.

Thinking sensually is liberating inner discipline that protects healthy choices. It's trusting what you sense and responding to what makes you curious. Doing what's right is self-respect. It's the key to inner harmony.

Guidelines for harmony are intuitive values that everybody can access: self-respect, grace, patience, tenacity. These are priceless - all rolled together - the inner private beacon of courage shining potential and possibility. Harmony keeps us responsible for our choices. Freedom is dignity.

This is a time of (r)evolution. It takes self-respect and courage to let go of what doesn't work. Reconnect with faith in your soul and your freedom.

Tune to your natural curiosity. There are no limits to creating the future. Standing together we have it all.
 Stand By Me Sung Around The World.