Monday, October 31, 2016

The Comfortable Spot

photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Everything happens as the result of choice and the path of living is mined with it. Notice what you sense. 

Sensuality keeps Life in focus. We intuitively feel/sense direction and find the upbeat

Destiny is the comfortable spot. Hippies call that harmony. Like all love-children, we seek Grace and balance. 

Every day, the dance of spirit and soul happens fast, and so we move fast. Notice what you sense.

What matters is always the same, it's freedom. It's love . Honor your Life. Want what matters. You are responsible for your choices.  The idea is to keep moving with the transcendental gift of sensuality and thrive with your dreams. 

Courage is the heart-shine valor of your soul. Think sensual, feel mind-blown. Life is multidimensional. Your comfortable spot expands with your choices. Everyone has a purpose from the moment of conception. It is an outrageous, sexy beginning. We are born with destiny and inherit the responsibility to be kind. Kindness is cosmic grace. Be cosmic
The place where you are right now God circled on a map for you. #Hafiz

Dignity is the Zen-smooth ride of self-respect. Be free with a heady blend of dignity and grace. Have fun. Love will find you. 

Feel good and you are noticing what you sense. Feel bad and you're noticing what you think. Intuitive thinking is to be in tune with your senses, but not take yourself too seriously. The comfortable spot of destiny has a sense of humor. It's a curiously comforting perspective. You know what you value, who you are and what you believe. 

Everything changes. Comfort is never stagnant. Apologies and forgiveness, based on values of the heart, buy us time and re-set the clock. And why not?  We are not here to judge, but to evolve, to learn, to be lovers.

Apologize when you offend and Love when you can. I have learned being kind, even when I do not feel fond, is liberating. Freedom is a bright light of splendor. Sensual living is an irresistible blend of responsibility and splendor in the college of life. Being kind opens invisible doors Clear the air if you cause confusion. 

Kindness is the caress of soul connection. Love is a fountain of insight and rejuvenation. It is a search for the comfortable spot of connection. Trust the path that feels kind. Timing isn't bigger than the moment. It is the moment. Sometimes we miss out on a dream because we do not let it grow.

Walk with the present. Every moment counts. Learn from the past, but don't let it drive your now. In your comfortable spot you will find hidden moments and notice moonlight. Open your eyes and heart to feel good timing. 

Want what matters because that is what makes everything possible. Follow though with courage and grace, and dreams come true. Honor your Life. You are amazing.