Friday, January 22, 2016

Dancing With Change

Life is amazing. It's always about love. Change is the dance. Wisdom blends innovation with melodies of love, truth and harmony. We have style. 

Deep down, we need to dance together. As the music plays, we move forward and backward with drumbeats of wonder and melodies of passion. Every day brings tides of change and things come together differently. It doesn't matter why, but it matters that we adapt. Destiny is not determined by fate. It is our choices that connect with destiny.  

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico, sexual tyranny in Afghanistan and Hollywood, and horrible hunger around the world cry out for new ideas and new thinkingThe gut feeling is global. We are each part of the solution Sensual thinking opens very simple energy portals to multidimensional, multigenerational understanding. It's natural.

Together, we can meet every challenge. Staying in rhythm with change is how to stay clear about what does not change. Ideas changeWhat does not change is our ability sense what is right. Trust your beautiful heart.

Intuition, is a portal to self-respect. Without self-respect -  fear, anger, ignorance, prejudice and greed take residence in the heart. That's when the dance stops.

All that is good is not the light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light within. Let your light shine.

Collaboration is human magic of open communication and respect for creativity. It's the intuitive way we make things happen. We don’t need “proof” or “alternatives” to use new solutions for old problems. We need to respond to gut feelings to fix, change, have, do and allow. We are born to dance with change.

It takes curiosity, determination and passion to dance with dignity, courage and truth. Love teaches new steps. Celebrate change. Be in tune with music of survival, self-respect and collaboration. Our children inherit the future. Listen to their voices. Hear your own inner child. Children tell the truth. Listen to your own truth. At the end of the day, you have to answer to your heart.

Sensing and responding to energy is sensual thinking. It’s a casual focus with a big picture perspective. No one is alone in the big picture. Intuitive openings are spiritual portals that connect us with each other and self-respect. We share energy of truth, justice and dreams. We fall in love.

Your 5 senses stay focused on the present and intuition balances what you sense with self-respect. The ability to sense what is right, to find connections and momentum - while dancing with tides of change - shapes Destiny.

The gift of time to think differently doesn't last. Be brave. Think with your senses and feel with your mind now. Dance with change. Be intuitive. Protect your freedom. Be dignified. Self-respect takes courage, commitment and charity of heart, to shine. 
There is no faking the dance. Doing it right is priceless.

The Byrds: Turn, Turn, Turn

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