Monday, November 28, 2016

Passionately Curious

I have no special talent; I am only passionately curious. #Albert Einstein

We walk a line of transformation on the path of Fate. Life makes us all revolutionaries who must discriminate  between opportunity and truth. Notice details you sense. It could save your life. At every moment, a choice can turn the world upside-down. The power of transformation is inside of us.

There is something potent, phenomenal and mysterious about sensuality. Everything we sense is sensual thinking. Sensing invigorates our spirit and excites our mind. Intuitive connections spark passions. Honor that power within yourself. Be passionately curious.  

Curiosity is focusing on the possible by accepting what you cannot control. It’s going with the flow, but not being swept into it. What you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a sensual fountain of curiosity. It is the excitement of living.

The world is transforming and we are the change that's happening. Natural sensuality is important  inner freedom. Curiosity is our intuitive strategy of awareness bringing excitement, satisfaction and understanding to Life’s outrageous journeyUnknown and unexpected portals to accomplishment, destiny, wonder and Love are everywhere. We are born curious.

Every human is intuitively  passionate. We like our independence and depending on ourselves.  We need to know ourselves. Satisfaction exists. Limits only exist in our half-used minds. The word can't is a wall of doubt easily blown over by passion and curious desire. 

Actions and choice are the key to the future. Choose to smile more. Choose to love your Life. Be curious to know where you’re headed. Stay determined to honor your soul. Follow light you sense. 

Weigh options. Life is amazing. It takes bravery and humor to have bliss. Put heart and soul into your choices and inner courage will never desert you.

Trust what feels vibrant. You used curiosity to tune to rhythms and open doors from the moment you were born. Stay passionately curious. Find pace and place by thinking with your senses. Find direction and connection by feeling curious and dignified with your mind. 

Intuition defies old options with a bigger picture perspective. Intuition clarifies how things fit together on your timeline. Only the present exists. There is a lot going onFeel the kiss of an open mind. Sense creative and practical solutions. 
Stay tuned to your highest potential. Even passion has boundaries. Watch for balance.

I went to a taping in NYC for the 'Holy Smokin' Vespers Jazz band. People of every hue were in the studio clapping hands and moving in rhythm to Gospel singing infused with sparkle. A fine tap dancer named Maurice Chestnut could swing his legs in ways that left us speechless. Energy of simple gratitude for the gift of Life hugged our hearts with excitement and joy. Be passionately curious. Enjoy the day.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Stung by the stigma of dispair created by apathy, the future feels threatened. We're moving. We sense needs and unite for what is right. Survival is intuitive.

Change is an act of courage. Risk is inescapable. Moving ahead, be fully committed to what you believe. Maintain an open mind.

An open mind means, staying aware that we may possibly be wrong. The universe has bigger plans for us than we imagine.

Courage is the foundation all personal values. It is Bravery + Wisdom. Everyone has purpose and ability to choose but when perspective is lost, we become complacent. Apathy is never an option. If we are not courageous, we become slaves. Freedom includes taking the risk of honoring your heart.

                              Are we in bondage?
The system of democracy is broken, but it is not beyond repair. Fear brings alienation and anxiety. Intuitively we turn to sensitivity, awareness and responsibility to create radical change.

With great courage we join ideas and work together to re-establish liberty throughout our land. Express your own original ideas. Trust your inner nobility and act with dignity and vision.

The president-elect ran his campaign on boasting, fear and lies. Bullies are cruel, afraid, insecure and dangerous. They create despair. The media, instigating fear, repeated every cruel slur, as if being paid off. Mr. Trump kept insisting the election was rigged. And now since he's won, it's easy to believe that this was the truth.

Confronted by change, we intuitively make decisions that define the essence of our being. Moving ahead to preserve an equitable and humane future is to live with greatness. You are part of something bigger. The future is yours to create. Be great.

Fear of losing freedom drives us feel inner faithFaith is not being able to see the future; it is being clear about what you're doing to create it. Tune to your inner nobility by noticing what you sense. Courage is the capacity for thinking and listening holistically. We must think outside the box to uncover creative change that heals our democracy and our world

Intuitive thinking is very simple. The more we develop our senses, the higher our levels of sensitivity.  Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Simple physical sensitivity builds moral courage. As long as we have moral courage, we will never be victims.

Courage comes from the French word meaning, heart. With the election of a man who ran his campaign as the 'biggest bully,' we are forced to leap into unknown change with a commitment of heart. Courage is not rash, it is productive. It is not the way to compensate for fear, but instead it is the intuitive way we maintain dignity.

A puppy becomes a dog by instinct and an acorn becomes a tree naturally, but we must be courageous. A commitment to courage is required to create the future We are all leaders and teachers. Notice who you follow. Be humble when you lead.

The average age of the greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. #Alexander Tyler,1787  This is the pattern:
1. From bondage to spiritual faith; 
2. From spiritual faith to great courage; 
3. From courage to liberty; 
4. From liberty to abundance; 
5. From abundance to complacency; 
6. From complacency to apathy; 
7. From apathy to dependence; 
8. From dependence back into bondage.”

Courage links with what's beautiful inside. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Having Dessert

Photo by Giuseppe Bovo
The meal-plan for dessert constantly changes. The main course, which is always Love, does not. intuition links dessert with the main course

Have dessert. Love makes dessert exciting and good for you. Openings linger. Soul connections happen. You feel great.

Sensuality is passion that feeds body, heart, mind and soul. Noticing what you sense is an organic re-charge. It refreshes you.

Beauty, texture, layers, openings and imperfection draw us to taste life's hopes and longing. A deja-vu sensory memory happens. Intuition reflects logic of our senses to balance lessons of experience and heart.

Baked by Mari Kozlowski
Sensuality is spice that keeps us alert. What you sense may be practical and undo knots, or it could be a simple whiff of desire. Sensing is how to know soul balance. Smile, share, sit in the sunlight. Meditate in the rain. Answers come.

A feast of Life is in the air, at our finger tips, eyes and heart. Sense excitement. Let go of what doesn't serve you.

Genuine nourishment is not fattening or uncomfortable. It is vibrant, awakening and simple. You can taste it.

Dignity, courage and vision are intuitive connections with the main course. Focus on what matters. Stay curious and balance options. You will have dessert. 

Love comes with every texture of living. Satisfaction is intuitive momentum with an aura of generosity, purpose and restraint. What's your favorite dessert?

Every day we taste foods of understanding, love, friendship and naked pleasures. Be dignified and free. Savor what you sense. With honor and tenacity it's easy to spot  highlights and insights. We intuitively heal ourselves and each other. 

Let love in. People starve for love by denying it. Loving is nurturing a picture bigger than your imagination or fears. Jesus said, Forgive. I think he was talking about forgiving yourself. Cosmic love is eternal, simple respect we call kindness. Be kind to yourself. You will find different kinds of dessert bring you satisfaction.

Honoring yourself keeps momentum vibrant and purpose clear. Sensual thinking is a comforting non-judgmental zone of balance and wisdom. Thrive with easy intuitive nourishment.  Use eye contact, touch, tone and body language to find answers. Want what matters.

Life is amazing. Have fun. Give what counts. Just because something is hard to talk about doesn't mean it's not real. Be brave. Choose deep truth to find friendship, love and opportunity. Intuitive nourishment is compassionate and keeps things straight.

Choose what nourishes you. Dance to great music. Make love. Connections like a song in your heart, a moment of peace, resting your eyes or saying,'I love you' are dessert that keeps getting sweeter. 

Sensuality is instant. Think with your senses and feel with your mind to make space for dessert.