Friday, October 31, 2014

Three Ways of Patience

Have attitude like Gandhi. Live your dream like MLK. Think with your senses. Feel with your mind.  

Sensing what you value is how to think different. It's good judgment.

"The hope of a secure and livable world lies with the disciplined non-conformists who are dedicated to Justice, Peace and Brotherhood" ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 

Patience is never an option. 

It's always a reality check.

The opposite of patience is frustration. Frustration is a rut. Being impatient is being in a rut. 

The impact on life is just like procrastination. Both are ways of being out of step with good timing and good luck. 

Everybody needs good luck.

Patience is the only way to live your dream.

Three Ways of Patience

With Yourself
  • Patience with yourself is personal loyalty.  It's respect - the foundation of every worthwhile relationship.
    • Being impatient with yourself is always self-defeating. 
    • Worse, when you are not patient with yourself, social relationships don’t last. 
    • People who are impatient with themselves make narrow-minded choices in social situations that  appear to be selfish or arrogant, and alienate others. That's why 'things' don't work out.
    • Find patience for your heart and mind. If you don't give it to yourself, nobody will.
With Timing
  • Patience with timing is a sign of confidence in choices and faith in goals. Sure, it’s a disappointment and a drag to not have an answer, a meeting or a trip when you want it. Reality is: we all march to our own beat and we're not always in step with others. Sometimes this means waiting.
    • The surprise of extra time gives you space to prepare the response for an unwanted answer. Time always catches up with us.
    • Extra time means you can have unexpected insights to fine-tune content for the meeting. 
    • Postponing a trip puts you somewhere else you need to be. 
    • If you are perfect, LOL, then the time of ‘waiting’ will reveal an opportunity or responsibility you need to address or reposition before your answer, meeting or trip. 
    • When you are patient with delays, you will find something new that helps you succeed. Time brings opportunity.
With others
  • Patience with others has its priorities. These include dignity, self-respect and compassion. People who do this well are our heroes, like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. These patient fighters used patience as personal power. So can you.
    •  This is not about what you do; it's about how you do it.
    •  Patience with others means acknowledging differences. No and yes are equally important for staying in tune with patience and your goals.
    • It is not ‘turning the other cheek” while someone hits you. You can be angry and be dignified.
    • If someone pushes your buttons and is disrespectful, sometimes it's best to just say, good-bye. The only person you can change is yourself. Stand tall, talk softly and use eye contact to make your point
'Life is like an elevator. On your way up, sometimes you have to stop and let some people off.' ~ anon 
Patience is an intuitive reality check. Experience reality. Be a sensual thinker. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Compassion and Relationship

Compassion is intuitive connection that nourishes relationships the way oxygen fuels fire. 

Sensual thinking is personal power that enhances natural connections.

In romantic relationships, compassion keeps it ‘hot' by tuning-in to what you sense. Compassion feels like respect. It's the unspoken, constant connection in successful relationships. Every good relationship is fueled by attitudes of enthusiasm, passion, curiosity and mutual purpose.

Compassion can be as simple as listening when someone speaks. It is thinking with your senses. When you sense effort and acknowledge it, the relationship opens. When you sense greed or resentment, you protect yourself by closing or limiting the connection.

Relationships and compassion are both collaborative. For success, we don't have to be the same; we just have to work together. Power connections are transparent, clear, kind and focused. Good relationships share passion and values.  
Intuitive global values reveal truths and lies that words cover. These sensual, transparent screens are filters for making smart connections and protecting yourself. To have relationships you value, use intuitive attitudes to sensually sync with compassion.

Most connections keep us happy. Finding connections is a combination of luck and hard work. Keeping them depends on sensual thinking.

Stay in sync with self-respect by checking in with your heart, mind and common sense before talking. Connect with your inner power to stay in-tune with purpose. Use your senses to sync with the moment, and filter with intuitive values to connect with the relationship you deserve. Compassion is a connection in the moment. Sometimes it's heartfelt eye contact.
Making good connections is not about how smart you are. It's about being receptive to what you sense. Fine-tune your senses and your timing by being true to yourself. Learn to recognize your attitudes of patience, dignity and curiosity

Connect with character. Learn to use your power.

When you think with your senses you notice issues of daily living slide into the groove of your highest potential. Tune-in to compassion with intuitive filters of curiosity, dignity, patience and courage, for direct access to connections that bring inspiration and unexpected solutions for successful relationships.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hit With Attitude

Do you ever get hit with attitude? 

 Attitude is the way you text your personality.   

It is shorthand communication for your personal energy.

Attitudes create boundaries that are safety zones, seduction zones or war zones. Because we are physical beings, everything we sense is physical. We get hit with attitude all the time. 

We sense attitude in every conversation. 
Instead of talking about it, attitude reveals exactly what’s going on. We give and receive it automatically. Energy comes as attitude through our eyes, our tone and body language. Without words, we make a statement. 

Everyone uses attitude. 

Without exception, it's how we communicate exactly who we are and what we feel. It can be person, obnoxious, petty or endearing. Attitudes are not always beautiful but they are genuine. Importantly, when we get hit with attitude, we know where we stand.

While it’s easy to notice what's going on physically with your 5 senses, in fact, clearest communication is intuitive. It’s intuitive to feel with our minds. The intuitive sense connects with the survival instinct. Through the 6th sense we ‘get’ what's happening as attitude or notice a ‘head’s up’.

Often, attitude reveals someone is lying or they don’t respect your ideas.  Other times, attitude reveals kindness, determination or suspicion. Communicating with attitude is sensual syncing

Words have limits. 

That's why we have love songs and dinners by candlelight. It's also why we may be misunderstood, not clear about what we're told or not connecting the way we want. Our senses are our points of clarity. Notice what you notice.

The next time you need to be understood, talk less and sense more. Respond to what matters deeply by maintaining an attitude of curiosity to keep an open mind and dignity to maintain self-respect. Peoplel 'get' your attitude. 

Intuitive values are strategies that clarity attitudes and protect what matters. Intuitive attitudes like courage, dignity and curiousity equally understood and recognized across every culture and age. When there is injustice, hit it with an attitude of self-respect, and honorable perspective. Your energy speaks.

Sensing is a language of attitude that spans the globe like the Internet. Sensual thinking is clarity about shared values that is the foundation for universal communication. It's a rewarding attitude. Use it to work together to bring new solutions to old problems in your life and our world. 

Art title: RETURN TO INNOCENCE, 2011
·          Size: 102 x 152 x 4 cm, mixed media on canvas
·          Courtesy Herwig Maria Stark