Saturday, June 27, 2015

Charleston, SC

By thinking sensually, we are changing how we respond to violence. 

Our intuition is to heal, not destroy. 

When innocent people are murdered in cold blood, global intuitive radar goes up. We unite in a tide of emotional and sensual connection. The emotion is grief and outrage. We sense injustice and the need for change. 

The loudest voices across this country are calls for healing and unity. The dignity of humanity joining together with personal courage and patience, to create a stream of self-respect, a connection and collaboration focused on understanding, healing hearts and finding justice is beautiful.

By thinking with our senses, we find our natural mind/body/spirit/soul connections and the strength to change how we respond to violence. Our intuition is to heal, not destroy.

What we sense tells us we are one humanity who evolves by persistently and gently trusting iconic wisdom that serves our lives. We are individuals who communicate with shared intuitive values of dignity, patience and grace. It's natural for these to keep us in-tune with personal character and an inner determined sense of obligation. Today, we choose to simply do what feels right.

The tragedy of 7 innocent people, murdered during a prayer group meeting last week, has intelligent people saying that nothing has changed. This simply is not true. We're seeing things differently.
There is no instant answer or band-aid for incomprehensible violence. We feel sad.  But by thinking intuitively, we embrace what feels right to ensure our future. Sensual thinking is our inborn connection with intuitive wisdom. It is a streaming solution of collaboration and communication that forces us to stay in-tune with our character and in touch with the present. 

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you see and what you remember, but your heart does. Notice what you notice. By staying clear about the present with mind and heart, we are in sync with each other and with our own unique intuition. Kindness and compassion are power. The truth is fantastic.

Every thing you sense brings insights. You hear attitude, emotions, information and context. You can see pain and love. Courage, curiosity and dignity are your character. Character connects with the big picture. Keep it in focus by being present. You know the difference between right and wrong. Recognize connections with others and steer the future toward peace.

The cruel event in Charleston, SC brought up old wounds. Prejudice is ignorance. It is an opinion that was formed in the past. Living in the past is walking backwards in the mined field of life. The past is over. Old wounds become scars of courage. We can change only ourselves. 

Those who choose to live in the past will stay there. That’s not the choice of the majority. Moving forward, the confederate flag that stands for slavery is finally being relegated, like the nazi swastika, to a museum of infamy. It’s a small step, but it’s real. Every step toward healing is huge. 

When bad things happen, we question ourselves. As we realize we are lucky to be alive, our intuitive values become more apparent. By thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds, we sync with inner character and passion that connects with personal strength and timing.  

For each of us, courage is the sole on the shoe of living. Sometimes, it's the only thing we have to stand on. When things get shaky and bad things happen, notice what you sense to stream with change. You will know you’re not alone.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Press Play

“You can't stop the future. You can't rewind the past.
The only way to learn the secret to press play.” Jay Asher 

This morning, on a crowded subway, I was surrounded by people playing games on phones and listening to music. Everyone was focused and peaceful. The energy was great. Play is sensual thinking that tunes-in to balance, focus and delight.

We have an appetite for play because it's an easy and healthy way to de-stress. Pressing play is a good way to use time on the subway. Exploring and playing games or listening to music taps into creative, relaxing, spontaneous ways, to open doors in your mind. Some people go to the gym to meditate or de-stress; some do it on the subway.  

Play inspires us to feel curious. Curiosity is intuition that keeps your mind open. Discovery is the kiss of delight. When we play using our eyes and touch to focus energy, natural curiosity makes learning and discovery fun. Delight makes us delightful.  

Intuitive tools like dignity, curiosity, foresight and patience are part of play. Games allow us to be free in the moment. Time is all we have. Using time well is personal power. Playing games or listening to music on a subway or in a waiting room relaxes and de-stresses by giving the emotional side of our thinking a break. It's smart.

Some people on the train were closing their eyes. I wondered how many were on their way home after working all night. Rest and dreaming are as vital as play for de-stressing our lives.  I wonder, when you close your eyes and think of peace, what do you see?

Playing with problems, thoughts or situations using intuitive tools like dignity, patience and foresight, guarantees smart decisions. Stay curious and new solutions appear. Thinking sensually always brings insights. Random play with games prevents inner burnout. Being playful is intuitive. 

Whether you are playing a game or resting your eyes, you are amazing. Why not will yourself towards curiosity and playfulness? Imagine this is your chosen day to embrace Life. Press play and dance with freedom!

Friday, June 12, 2015



Bravery, like love, is a commitment from the heart. All of us are born with powerful intuitive  connections in our life and with our world. Bravery isn’t something you seek; it's the dignified part of who you are. Feeling brave is our intuitive connection with destiny. 

Individual bravery is personal style that is intuitive. The moment you choose to be true to yourself ~ Life changesBravery happens in the present. Feeling brave is your connection with timing, pace and change. Sometimes it's raw; always, it's liberating. No one controls what you think, which means you're in control of who you are, where you're going, and why. 

The pace of life is brisk. To be present: notice what you sense. No matter what's happening, your thinking has to maintain real connections with change. Change means leaving behind what no longer connects with the big picture of your life, to keep walking across the bridge of time to your future.  The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance. ~Alan Watts

You are born to be brave. It's natural to make the dignified choiceDo what feels right inside your head and inside your heart. Bravery is an intuitive connection with stability in your life. Sometimes it feels like courage or determination. The cool thing about doing what is right is that bravery needs no defense.

The intuitive way to be brave to protect your freedom is by keeping in touch with feelings of dignity and courage.  Be responsible and brave to get what you want by being curious or patient. Bravery is the part of dignity that connects your potential with options that are right under your skin.

Sensuality is intuitive. You think with 'common sense' and feel with your mind. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. There are no limits. Intuitive anchors you feel like courage and curiosity connect your mind with bravery. You are in control. Choose attitude with dignity and self-respect to listen to your heart. It is choices that connect us with destiny. 

In our lives and around the world, we know what stinks. Injustice has a ‘smell’ and so does love. There is an intuitive nudge to be brave. There is no place for evil - not even in ourselves. Bravery between us is a call for mutual respect. Bravery, like love the way to intuitively drive healthy change and maintain harmony in our lives and our world.  

Be Brave. Step out of the box of dogma, injustice, or comfort, to do what is right. The moment you do - you soar like an eagle

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Language of Wonder

 “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” 

― Socrates


Wonder is a quiet, not particularly articulate, part of who we are. The language of wonder does the impossible. It connects us with what is bigger than ourselves by tuning us in to think sensually. Wonder does not connect with dogma or rules, but it strongly connects us with each other. Freedom, music and change are the language of wonder.

Moments of wonder occur without warning. 

In a breath or with a blink of eye contact, you experience the surprise taste of understanding that you are part of something else. Your senses are the key to wonder that opens doors to the place where you feel understood and loved. Wonder happens like a kiss.
Wonder does not happen in the past or in the future. It only happens in the here and now. 
Think with your senses for awareness and feel with your mind to notice what you notice.

It's surprisingly easy to notice what you notice. 

It doesn't matter where you are, just as long as you are here. Tune in with music, heart, sunlight or starlight. Let the wind whisper in your ears. Lick your spoon the next time something is delicious. The more you think with your senses, the more natural and amazing your focus will be. Wonder is an explosion of connection. It's the sperm connecting with the egg. We don't need to understand it. It's real

Stream with change.

An intimate symphony of rhythm, food, light and touch takes us beyond ourselves. We always sense the music and feel winds of changeChange blows us straight through time. Gratitude and the feeling of wonder point us towards peace of mind. Music of change is everywhere. Calling out around the world, we're tuned to a brand new beat.  

Quantum Thinking.

Sensing is the language of wonder. It's not intellectual it's quantum. Words we feel with our mind and heart – like courage, dignity, freedom, curiosity and love – are the diet of wonder we use to know ourselves better, fight injustice and evolve together. 

Just like a house has doors and windows for access, your 6 senses are powerful portals to the world. Your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, heart and mind tune-in to the rhythms of your soul. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell tunes-in to the pace of life; so that communication is harmony and bravery is common sense.

The future is in the air, circling the globe and feels like 'now'.

Wonder is the light of connection we share with words like passion, innocence purpose and love.  When that connection happens, dignity becomes self-respect and wonder renews our innocence, curiosity and dreams.  
“The important thing is not to stop questioning. 
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” #Einstein
Listen to the lyrics as Evis Presley sings, "The Wonder of You" (live) Imagine it as prayer.