Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis

Love and Courage appear in many forms.

Vibrant global change transcends politics, religions and geography.

No matter who you are, it takes huge courage to defy the system. The Pope is a man of courage and faith. Courage is his intuitive confidence and a spiritual commitment to the truth. It is everyone’s connection with destiny and purpose. All actions driven by iconic values of justice, courage and dignity, bring us peace of mind. 

By refusing to be confined by class, political boundaries or money, Pope Francis is setting an example of moral limits on extravagance and isolation. His choices are opening eyes and sparking minds. With patience, determination and faith, he is guiding choices to solidly push open doors to the new humanitarian age.

Pope Francis is a sensual thinker, defining new boundaries. He depends on iconic intuitive values that are global safety zones of unquestioned quality - zones of Peace and Love. By balancing what he senses, with truth he feels in his heart and using the anchor of experience, he stays clearly in sync with vision and direction.
Faith is often confused with courage. Having faith is trusting the purpose of the moment. It's doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way. It is not about being able to see the future; it is being clear about what you're doing to create it. The Pope trusts courage to cement loyalty to his faith, as he works to create the future. 

By focusing on the environment, justice and hunger, Pope Francis is working to restore spiritual balance in our world. The enormity of his vision is inspiring. He thinks from his soul and reasons with conscience, heart and mind. He's self-disciplined and curious about life. 

Intuitive thinking creates breathing room we call curiosity and sometimes, patience. Curiosity is a place in our hearts where we reach for prayer/meditation/reflection and forgiving. Courage, curiosity and patience are intuitive thinking. Be inspired by this brave man. Connect with your inner power. Understanding, love, creativity and satisfaction only come when we're willing to be courageous.

Using intuition is the natural way to recharge your sense of purpose. Purpose is the experience of time being in slo-motion so you don't miss anything - because you care. Staying in touch with curiosity reminds us why we care.

Like the Pope, we're interested in the whole picture of our lives and our world. The press is saying Pope Francis is a man of character. It's intuitive common sense to look ahead to see the consequence of what you're about to do. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind keeps you in-touch with the intangible energy of character within yourself. It's irresistible.

C - charm (is) Irresistible
H - health (is) Rich
A - awareness (means) Tuned-in
R - reason (is perspective)  Smart
A - action (means) Being Decisive
C - caution (is protective) Being Careful
T - timing (when it’s right)  Hot
E - ease (doing what feels right) Responsible
R - rest (self-respect) Loving
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Darwin


Friday, September 18, 2015


There is absolutely no inevitability as
long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening ~ Marshall McLuhan

Awareness is a choice. Prejudice is willful ignorance that brings hunger and suffering around the globe. Notice what you see and hear and you will know what to do. Thinking sensually, it's clear that awareness is the beginning of action.  

Notice what you notice. Even if you don’t understand what’s going on, by responding to what you sense with courage, dignity, patience and curiosity, you are on the path to making important connections in your life. 
When you are defined by values you are willing to defend, Life fills with purpose.

Image result for refugees fleeingContemporary culture is a sea of transition. It's important to recognize truth and if it's horrible - like ourefugee crisis today - Change it. 

It's time to end cycles of ignorance, intolerance and fear-provoked cruelty in our world.  Shift to sensual thinking to stay clear about what's real and what you can do about it.

If you feel isolated, use what you sense and surf the internet to find community, and connect with change. You have power to choose, to observe and to share. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind. Notice beauty, feel desire and trust your heart. Awareness is your personal power. Use it.

Connect with nature to stay grounded with the big picture. No matter what's happening, you can always inhale energy from sunlight and restore your soul with moonlight. Let rain and wind wash away worries. Change brings solutions and innovation. Be tuned to love and music.  you will stumble on awareness that changes the world.

This is the time to be presentFeel justice, help others and fall in love. Stand for what's right.  Use intuition to understand purpose. Intuitive understanding is a balance of wisdom with innovation. It's thinking outside the box. Sensual intuitive awareness is a walk on the wild side where love, truth and the big picture are in focus. Purpose is powerful. 

There are direct lines to opportunity, solution, realization and alternatives that bring brightness to your day and our world. Learn to sense them. Awareness feels exciting. Verify what’s real by thinking with your senses. You are part of change. Learn from the past and stay clear about the present to open doors for the future. 

Nothing is inevitable. The future is ours to create. 


book: Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Soul Confidence

Intuition is the balancing magic of our survival instinct. 

We live on a high wire of change and can fall any time. Overload is sending signals to our DNA that we need to adapt. Sensual thinking is the natural way we protect ourselves and find new solutions. Use what you sense to enrich and enhance your life.

Think sensually to inspire natural soul confidence. Your eyes, ears, nose, skin, mouth and heart constantly reconnect with potential and see clues in possibility. It's an amazing fact that everything you sense expands your thinking. We are born intuitive. Iconic intuitive tools are values that guide understanding, insight and focus.

Soul confidence is how we make intuitive connections with creative thinking,  Sensual thinking is gentle organic relaxation. It's when you unwind and connect. Thought evolution is physical. We fine-tune our senses to find clarity, peace and satisfaction.

Courage, curiosity, patience and dignity are intuitive tools that guide survival and success. Intuitive sensual thinking is a problem solving and life navigation skill that clarifies what is at our fingertips and keep the big picture in focus. Using your senses with intuitive tools to navigate change is how to unlock a future with freedom, strength and protection.

Evolution is turning us into brilliant sensual intuitive thinkers. We are connecting with inner freedoms and responsibilities. Thinking sensually is an instinctive upgrade that is infinitely humanizing. We are full of magic of every kind.

Life is amazing. Our 5 senses to keep in-tune with momentum in the present. Intuition shows us balance and connections.

The confidence connection is intuitive. Think with your senses and you will feel with your mind. Confidence is a balancing act.

In 99% of our world, everything is entirely different than it was 50 years ago. Struggles for our planet are new. We have to think outside the box.

Most important in today's world, we communicate without borders. The big-picture perspective tells us the future is as big as the past. It's ours to create.Time-tested intuitive values blended with innovation will balance and secure our new world future.

Sports are an arena where 'having heart' has always been the key for success. Life is a sport.

People have always had problems. We struggle with success, hunger, illness, environment and human cruelty. We can learn from the past - not repeat it.

Connect with "heart."  Think sensual.  Win the game. 

"You Gotta Have Heart" from the 1958 movie Damn Yankees, still says 'it' for us today - but look at how far we've come to be in touch with our whole selves since then! Listen to the lyrics.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Soul Thinking

Our frame of mind is full of soul.  We all share an edge.
It is intuitive, sensual, spontaneous and global. This is a big change from our dogma driven-past. It's making some people uncomfortable.  

Sensual thinking keeps us connected with soul in unexpected ways. Notice what's going on around you and throughout our world. 

The soul of our planet and the soul of humanity are one.  

The root of happiness isn't in the mind or heart, it's with your soul. If you ignore what you sense, you betray your soul. The result is, self-esteem goes down a notch. The most sensitive part of each of us is our soul. Don't betray your soul. Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell to recognize shared boundaries with others and to know yourself.  Your mind will catch up automatically.

Happiness is always a consequence of something fundamental in life, like harmony with others, or especially with yourself. Instead of dogma or rules, sensual thinking keeps you in the moment. It's intuitive to grab moments, taste Life’s flavors and see the bigger picture.  

It's intuitive to Celebrate Life.

We can feel the music.. Because an open mind is an open heart, harmony happens.  The worlds most famous and popular language is music~ Psy

Being intuitive is depending on the comfort of courage, foresight, dignity and patience to keep communication clear and to be real about what you have to give or do, to get what you want. Thinking sensually is the difference between getting ahead or being in a rut. We catch a rhythm of purpose and 'pick ourselves up and get back in the race'. Intuitive tools easily, automatically navigate change - comparing options means you're being prudent and foresight is intuitive self-defense

We're turned onDaily change is a fact of life that's naturally stimulating. By thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds it's easy to recognize connections, know priorities and understand boundaries. We balance who we are and what we want, with what it takes to get there automatically.  

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it. Choices - not chance - determine our future. Intuitive thinking means a solution may not fit preconceived ideas but we can absolutely recognize when it’s right. Intuitive tools are global iconic values that take life to a place of premium vibrancy and presence. These define, separate, and ultimately bring us together. Intuitive boundaries are personal and global connections. We all share an edge.  We are soul.

.. If there is something to be changed in the world then it can happen through music.~ Jimi Hendrix  Thinking sensually is soul thinking. 

 We are born soul thinkers
You are the music while the music lasts~ T.S. Eliot