Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis

Love and Courage appear in many forms.

Vibrant global change transcends politics, religions and geography.

No matter who you are, it takes huge courage to defy the system. The Pope is a man of courage and faith. Courage is his intuitive confidence and a spiritual commitment to the truth. It is everyone’s connection with destiny and purpose. All actions driven by iconic values of justice, courage and dignity, bring us peace of mind. 

By refusing to be confined by class, political boundaries or money, Pope Francis is setting an example of moral limits on extravagance and isolation. His choices are opening eyes and sparking minds. With patience, determination and faith, he is guiding choices to solidly push open doors to the new humanitarian age.

Pope Francis is a sensual thinker, defining new boundaries. He depends on iconic intuitive values that are global safety zones of unquestioned quality - zones of Peace and Love. By balancing what he senses, with truth he feels in his heart and using the anchor of experience, he stays clearly in sync with vision and direction.
Faith is often confused with courage. Having faith is trusting the purpose of the moment. It's doing the right thing, for the right reason, the right way. It is not about being able to see the future; it is being clear about what you're doing to create it. The Pope trusts courage to cement loyalty to his faith, as he works to create the future. 

By focusing on the environment, justice and hunger, Pope Francis is working to restore spiritual balance in our world. The enormity of his vision is inspiring. He thinks from his soul and reasons with conscience, heart and mind. He's self-disciplined and curious about life. 

Intuitive thinking creates breathing room we call curiosity and sometimes, patience. Curiosity is a place in our hearts where we reach for prayer/meditation/reflection and forgiving. Courage, curiosity and patience are intuitive thinking. Be inspired by this brave man. Connect with your inner power. Understanding, love, creativity and satisfaction only come when we're willing to be courageous.

Using intuition is the natural way to recharge your sense of purpose. Purpose is the experience of time being in slo-motion so you don't miss anything - because you care. Staying in touch with curiosity reminds us why we care.

Like the Pope, we're interested in the whole picture of our lives and our world. The press is saying Pope Francis is a man of character. It's intuitive common sense to look ahead to see the consequence of what you're about to do. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind keeps you in-touch with the intangible energy of character within yourself. It's irresistible.

C - charm (is) Irresistible
H - health (is) Rich
A - awareness (means) Tuned-in
R - reason (is perspective)  Smart
A - action (means) Being Decisive
C - caution (is protective) Being Careful
T - timing (when it’s right)  Hot
E - ease (doing what feels right) Responsible
R - rest (self-respect) Loving
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Darwin


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