Saturday, September 12, 2015

Soul Confidence

Intuition is the balancing magic of our survival instinct. 

We live on a high wire of change and can fall any time. Overload is sending signals to our DNA that we need to adapt. Sensual thinking is the natural way we protect ourselves and find new solutions. Use what you sense to enrich and enhance your life.

Think sensually to inspire natural soul confidence. Your eyes, ears, nose, skin, mouth and heart constantly reconnect with potential and see clues in possibility. It's an amazing fact that everything you sense expands your thinking. We are born intuitive. Iconic intuitive tools are values that guide understanding, insight and focus.

Soul confidence is how we make intuitive connections with creative thinking,  Sensual thinking is gentle organic relaxation. It's when you unwind and connect. Thought evolution is physical. We fine-tune our senses to find clarity, peace and satisfaction.

Courage, curiosity, patience and dignity are intuitive tools that guide survival and success. Intuitive sensual thinking is a problem solving and life navigation skill that clarifies what is at our fingertips and keep the big picture in focus. Using your senses with intuitive tools to navigate change is how to unlock a future with freedom, strength and protection.

Evolution is turning us into brilliant sensual intuitive thinkers. We are connecting with inner freedoms and responsibilities. Thinking sensually is an instinctive upgrade that is infinitely humanizing. We are full of magic of every kind.

Life is amazing. Our 5 senses to keep in-tune with momentum in the present. Intuition shows us balance and connections.

The confidence connection is intuitive. Think with your senses and you will feel with your mind. Confidence is a balancing act.

In 99% of our world, everything is entirely different than it was 50 years ago. Struggles for our planet are new. We have to think outside the box.

Most important in today's world, we communicate without borders. The big-picture perspective tells us the future is as big as the past. It's ours to create.Time-tested intuitive values blended with innovation will balance and secure our new world future.

Sports are an arena where 'having heart' has always been the key for success. Life is a sport.

People have always had problems. We struggle with success, hunger, illness, environment and human cruelty. We can learn from the past - not repeat it.

Connect with "heart."  Think sensual.  Win the game. 

"You Gotta Have Heart" from the 1958 movie Damn Yankees, still says 'it' for us today - but look at how far we've come to be in touch with our whole selves since then! Listen to the lyrics.


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