Sunday, September 6, 2015

Soul Thinking

Our frame of mind is full of soul.  We all share an edge.
It is intuitive, sensual, spontaneous and global. This is a big change from our dogma driven-past. It's making some people uncomfortable.  

Sensual thinking keeps us connected with soul in unexpected ways. Notice what's going on around you and throughout our world. 

The soul of our planet and the soul of humanity are one.  

The root of happiness isn't in the mind or heart, it's with your soul. If you ignore what you sense, you betray your soul. The result is, self-esteem goes down a notch. The most sensitive part of each of us is our soul. Don't betray your soul. Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell to recognize shared boundaries with others and to know yourself.  Your mind will catch up automatically.

Happiness is always a consequence of something fundamental in life, like harmony with others, or especially with yourself. Instead of dogma or rules, sensual thinking keeps you in the moment. It's intuitive to grab moments, taste Life’s flavors and see the bigger picture.  

It's intuitive to Celebrate Life.

We can feel the music.. Because an open mind is an open heart, harmony happens.  The worlds most famous and popular language is music~ Psy

Being intuitive is depending on the comfort of courage, foresight, dignity and patience to keep communication clear and to be real about what you have to give or do, to get what you want. Thinking sensually is the difference between getting ahead or being in a rut. We catch a rhythm of purpose and 'pick ourselves up and get back in the race'. Intuitive tools easily, automatically navigate change - comparing options means you're being prudent and foresight is intuitive self-defense

We're turned onDaily change is a fact of life that's naturally stimulating. By thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds it's easy to recognize connections, know priorities and understand boundaries. We balance who we are and what we want, with what it takes to get there automatically.  

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it. Choices - not chance - determine our future. Intuitive thinking means a solution may not fit preconceived ideas but we can absolutely recognize when it’s right. Intuitive tools are global iconic values that take life to a place of premium vibrancy and presence. These define, separate, and ultimately bring us together. Intuitive boundaries are personal and global connections. We all share an edge.  We are soul.

.. If there is something to be changed in the world then it can happen through music.~ Jimi Hendrix  Thinking sensually is soul thinking. 

 We are born soul thinkers
You are the music while the music lasts~ T.S. Eliot


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