Friday, July 17, 2015


 Intuitively you connect with multidimensional thinking and sense how touch heals. 

Intuitive living is courageous and primal. All connections are sensual.

Everything is a bridge of connection. Trust yourself. Notice what you sense. You are never really alone. Learn to feel with your mind. We intuitively move all the time to the beat of our heart and the life of our breath. Trust those natural rhythms.  Be sensual, think intuitive. Connect with momentum of cosmic love.

Be free. Taste tartness of challenges. Swallow the sweetness of determination. Imagine raindrops are tears of happiness and hope. There are no limits to connections of sensual thinking. The future is ours to create.
"Life is what we make it, always has been. always will be." ~ GrandmaMoses

Sensual connections are stairways to spirituality, natural transformation - the spark that lights your fire. Intuitive sensual connections are Life rites of passage. When you open to fragrance that passes by, or a gut feeling you can't shake, or the sounds of love..  - your heart, mind, body and soul experience gentle, vibrant unity of connection. Your spirit is a beautiful catch-all that holds the essence of your dreams. You are amazing. 

Every dance across the bridge of living fine-tunes the rhythms of your heart and soul to connect you with creativity and passion. What you sense are connections that bring choices, challenges and opportunities. What you feel with your mind are intuitive tools that take you in the direction of clarity, unity, hope. If you want to open connections, think with your senses. 

Intuitive connections get under your skin and bring insights. They take on a life of their own and linger, demanding you keep moving 
with dignity and courage across the bridge toward what is right.

Thinking sensually happens in a blink - like now. You can feel the electronic connection of mind blending. You're still in the sanctity of your being and I am here; yet  - for just a spark - our hearts touch. That's all it takes.

Intuitive thinking is the guardian of gentle sensual connection. Expand the power of what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. There are endless possibilities. See where you're going, taste what you love, touch the thrill of understanding, inhale life, hear what feels right and know satisfaction. Use sensual thinking to thrive.  Notice what you notice.  You are awesome.

Breath was your first connection with Life and you have been breathing through time ever since. Use your breath to tune-in to your bridge of intuitive thinking. Breathe directly into your heart

Making connections is automatic. Appreciating them is intuitive.

Leonard Cohen's Anthem reminds us: 
"Ring the bells that still can ring. ..There is a crack in everything. That's how the Light gets in."

Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Sense the Light..

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