Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dark Glasses

When you connect with self-respect, it's giving yourself permission to be your best. Feeling good tunes us in to being kind to ourselves and to others.

You wear dark glasses to protect your eyes, filter UV radiation or just for the boundary of privacy. Protecting yourself is intuitive. Self-respect is collaboration between parts of your finest self. 

Intuitive dark glasses focus inwards towards the truth in your heart, and outwards towards unity with others. We love to connect. 

Intuitive filters and boundaries unite us making life meaningful and beautiful. . Thinking sensually filters dogma from the past and fear from the future. This means you control what you think.

You feel cool in dark glasses because you look good and you are protecting your Life. It’s good to be good to yourself. When you're in the harsh glare of life, breathe, be loyal to your heart and choose only what feels right. 

Sensuality = Connection
Intuition= Clarity
Clarity + Connection = Inner Freedom

Good times need filters and boundaries to keep happening.  Dignity, courage, curiosity and patience are intuitive boundaries. Comfort, love and good health have to be protected to endure. Sensual thinking is self-renewing filters of protection and pleasure. What you notice with your senses and heart tunes you in to what feels good. Think sensually to protect the unique texture of your soul. Intuition is part of your survival instinct. Trust what you sense to feel the invisible cosmic touch of love
Sensual filters are how to taste what you eat and see who you love. Without filters of courage and dignity, there are no boundaries. If you don't understand boundaries you cannot understand respect. When that happens, your lens of clarity is broken and love means a broken heart. 

Sensual thinking is the cool lens that connects with humanity and kindness in our lives. Intuitive boundaries and filters open understanding we need to communicate clearly what we feel, what we know and what we believe. Wearing intuitive dark glasses protects us from thinking too much and feeling too little. 

Your intuitive spirit is a cool protective lens of inner strength that filters invisible harmful rays of prejudice, greed, lies and abuse, in order to protect your heart. Your intuition naturally syncs with celebration where you feel your power to fight for what is right. That's cool..


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  1. Thought provoking and action provoking. Thank you!