Monday, June 27, 2016

Lucid Living

Lucid Living = Sensual Thinking
When we go to sleep, soul is restored by moonlight and star glow. We are part of the eco-system of Life. Sunlight, moonlight and starlight are pure healing agents for the spirit. Love is the magic of life that sparkles. It turns out the big picture has all the room we need to feel good.

In a lucid dream the dreamer is aware s/he is dreaming and at the same time has memory of the waking world. When you think with your 6 senses, you recognize your unique personal potential and keep in touch with a bigger picture perspective. Sensual thinking is lucid living. It is a pleasing multidimensional awareness and the power to choose direction and focus on where you want to be.

It's never too late to make a commitment to the truth inside this moment. Embrace the long-term ride of your Life. You are more creative than you know. Your character is power. Courage and the inner passion of determination open portals of excitement. Anticipation speeds momentum through you – find-tuning your senses. Experience lucid waking. Connect with inner power. Sense your beautiful light.  

We are never at a dead end. Because we don't know answers doesn't mean we cannot feel them. Things are often not what they seem to be. Open your mind to feel inside your heart. Seek truth and don't sweat surprises. In the college of Life, no one escapes the laws of balance. The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but the grind is exceedingly fine. ~Proverb 

Lucid energy fills us with curiosity, determination and desire to live beyond who we have been. Lucid living is sensing what is possible inside intuitive boundaries of courage, love and dignity.  What you sense with your mind provides stability and clarity that is a natural power base. 

The present is the most spectacular experience we share. The adventure of lucid living is sensual thinking tuned to the present. Look for freedom and balance. Freedom makes us passionate about justice and truth. Justice and truth are stability. By thinking with 6 senses, we find stability and purpose in the moment.

Everything worth having takes effort. Wanting happens for just a moment. Lucid thinking goes beyond wanting to unlock desire. Desire that comes from the heart is drive and passion that builds. Lucid thinking is a portal to Dignity. Determination and love make us bold. Open your heart to feel bold and seize your potential.  

Before you go to sleep, let what you sense with your eyes, ears, tongue and mind merge with the wisdom in your heart. This will turn the key inside your head and free your spirit from the weight of the past. Stay on the path of destiny. It is always in front of you. Notice what you sense. Awareness is lucid power that opens doors. 

Unless you believe, you will not understand. #St. Augustine