Friday, July 4, 2014


Freedom and Independence both require an open mind. 

Freedom gets our blood pumping.

Freedom makes our soul sing. But, like a flag waving in the wind, freedom is subject to conditions. The price we pay for freedom is determined by the bigger picture. Freedom includes being responsible for everything we do and don't do. 

Keeping clear about the big picture is part of staying independent and free. Keep your mind and heart open. 

Stress is a prison. Prisons, whether physical, intellectual or psychological, are tight, small places. When we feel stressed, it's a signal that we're losing perspective.  Notice what you sense. Taste life.  Be curious, stay dignified, allow patience to soothe your heart. Keep your sense of humor and be magnificently free!

Independence is a state of mind that connects self-reliance. It is the continually renewed process of self-respect that stays clear about the big picture. Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds keeps us tuned to intuitive strategies like dignity, courage, patience, curiosity and humor. Freedom is an empowered state of mind where perspective is in focus. 
  • Intuition is the source of our self-respect
  • Self-respect drives us to be safe, happy and in tune with our heart, mind, body and soul.
  • No event or individual can break the spirit of a person who is dignified. 
When we truly keep an open mind, feeling curious connects us with freedom, independence and each other. Notice what you sense and balance it with what you feel to take control of your fate. Stay free. Talking less and sensing more, while riding the crest of change, keeps us independent and happy.

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  1. I love this article Jane. Powerfully intuitive. Here's to freedom.

    Love you Diva