Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Find your 'mojo'. Get with some momentum.

Sensual thinking is action connection with buzz - it's sexy.

Make the choice to connect with your senses and your mojo. Have the best of both worlds. 
  • Sensual Thinking is feeling and knowing how to thrive with changes in your life. It's a direct infusion of personal freedom. With our senses, we uncover choices and options to turn up the excitement and satisfaction of living. 
  • Momentum is sensual. It's a rhythm we can feel. 
Have you ever noticed that life is a lot like dancing? 
  • We take one step forward and two steps back. We may bend in different directions. Then, maybe take a step sideways or rock back and forth repeating patterns. You're dancing right now. Do you feel it?
Have you ever tripped while you were trying to dance? Did you ever hate the music? Were there times the song just kept playing and playing when you were sure it wouldn't end? 
  • Even though we're always dancing through life, we're not the DJ. Whether we like the music or not, it's impossible to fight the momentum. Instead, with sensual thinking, we feel the beat and still enjoy the action.
  • Remember slow dancing for the first time. Did you try to do the twist or the robot or jook or rap? No, you weren't crazy, but you were open to trying something new. Be willing now. That's how to be cool. That's how to connect with momentum. You are still a kid in your heart.
Choose to live with your mojo. When you feel stuck, listen to your favorite music. This dance is your life and the music will end. Give yourself a chance. Use your eyes, ears, taste, touch and intuitive values to connect with your heart and soul. Get into the action. It's surprisingly relaxing and will clear your head.
Talk less, sense more. Live momentum.

Feel the buzz.

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