Monday, July 28, 2014

Sensual Syncing

When you see a person without a smile, give him yours. Sensual syncing is connection that doesn't need a conversation. It's a touch that goes under your skin. It's communication that can defy or define relations. We do it all the time. Notice what you notice, and tune in to the power of sensual syncing.

With sensual syncing, there are no judgment calls or rules. It is an intuitive communication of understanding and respect. Important ways we sensually sync are to recognize truth, honor, clarity, courage, kindness or curiosity. 

Sensual syncing is a wordless way of sharing values. Values are something you feel not something you think. When you meet a person who's values connect with your own, it feels like destiny
Clear thinking depends on our senses for input. When what you feel in your heart is  balanced by what you think, sensual syncing feels like common sense.

Often sensual syncing is a collaboration of energy experienced as eye contact or sharing a smile. It's easy to feel and hard to describe. But, we know when it's missing!

  • A lack of RESPECT brings destruction. 
  • The opposite of TRUTH is fear.
  • Without HONOR, there is bondage.
  • Without CLARITY, there is distrust.
  • The opposite of COURAGE is giving up.
  • The opposite of recognizing POSSIBILITY is doubt.
  • The answer is LOVE.

  • When your values are sensually in sync with someone else, your energy expands and what you have in common takes on new meaning. Sensual syncing builds a comfort zone in relationships that is the foundation for understanding and respect. It brings out the best in us. In every relationship sensual connections endure beyond words.

    Thinking sensually blends the simplicity of what you sense, with the honesty of what you feel and keeps it anchored with what you know from experienceSensual connections are the automatic. Sometimes they signal us to protect ourselves. Always, what we sense is the continuous way to understand ourselves and each other that leads to discovering meaning in our lives.  

    Think with your senses, you know where you are, and when you feel with your mind , you know where you're going. Share eye contact to know who to trust and always follow what feels right. 

  • photo by Saul Steinberg


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