Friday, December 5, 2014

Under Your Skin

What's under your skin?
Attitude and character are right under our skin. That's why, when something gets under your skin, you're not supposed to ignore it. What you feel is your unique inner voice. It's the DNA-ordained connection with your heart and conscience that vibrates with the energy of your moments.

What's under our skin is powerful and relentless. Imagine how much of who you are is just under your skin. The next time something or someone is under your skin, do something about it.
  • Notice what you notice.
  • Have an attitude that puts your action in sync with your values.
  • Sensual thinking let's what's under your skin free. Freedom matters.
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. #Confucius

Responding to what you sense is how to have self-respect. Feeling dignity, justice and compassion with your mind is intuitive thinking. Sensing automatically tunes to what's under our skin. Intuitive thinking arouses you the way delicious tastes and kindness feels.  You literally can taste life.

Just like what we feel under your skin keeps us present, sensing confirms who we are. It is as articulate as music, as enticing as the scent of a favorite food and as warming as the sight of the rising sun after an amazing night. Sensual thinking keeps you feeling 'right'.

Sensual syncing is joyous. It's the simplicity of what we sense, honesty we feel and the anchor of  experience to expertly guide choices with long term benefits. Sensual thining is how you become who you are meant to be, without losing touch with who you are.  Sensual thinking tunes to an inner voice or purpose and liberates and pampers what's under your skin.

Responding to what's under your skin keeps you synced with momentum and opportunities. Tuning in to what you sense under your skin resets the way your whole body feels - including your head. Sensing lets what’s under your skin free. Intuition is sensual thinking that breaks through barriers of habit and fear.

Intuition is sensual, but not muscular. It's sexy, but not sexual. It's clearly right under your skin. Like a ripple of sunlight that just barely touches your lips or awareness of attitude and authenticity, your spirit, is the voice of soul thats always just under your skin.

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  1. Thinking about other things under my skin today... but lifted by these words.