Saturday, August 23, 2014


You can’t litter negativity everywhere and then wonder why you’ve got a trashy life. 

History is full of trash. It's time to stop repeating cycles of ignorance, negativity and destruction from the past, and move forward to explore our humanity and global needs. 

We breathe the same air and drink the same water.  Political, social and cultural boundaries are not part of the air we breathe, the water we drink or foods we eat. Humanity and all life transcends cultural boundaries.

Protecting our planet from abuse created by greed and litter is common sense. Once we commit to choices that feel dignified, we accomplish them.  The future is ours to create.

Environmental health mirrors human health. 

No matter what differences exist, we are one world. As we respect our planet, we respect ourselves. Make the choice to survive and thrive. 'Litter' kindness and common sense to stay in step with real needs in your heart and healthy goals for all. 

Choose kindnessSmile more. 
Undo negativity by sharing insights and enjoyment. Use your heart to spread love, wisdom and peace. Share your dignity.

There has always been, and will always be, evil and negativity in the world. It cannot stop us from connecting for the global good by using the strength of invisible boundaries of character.  Character keeps us clear about priorities. Courage and self-respect are strategies for satisfaction. We grow by being aware of change and each other.

Humor is an easy reality check. 

Why not litter good cheer? Common sense is not always logical. Sensing what matters is intuitive thinking. Thinking with our senses keeps us present and feeling common sense with our mind brings refreshing balance to life.

There is a collective moral force bringing us into the Humanitarian Age. It’s humbling, exhilarating, exciting and noble. 
Our priorities must be respecting needs and dreams we share.

Transparent intuitive strategies like courage and dignity are global boundaries that bring healthy decisions and clear communication.

 Say, 'YES', to you. 

Have faith in your personal power of self-respect. Being dignified is having faith 'watch your back.' Make wisdom yours by trusting it.

There are more than 7 billion people in our world. The same things that make us unique are what we all have in common.

No other person in the world has your:

  • Scent
  • DNA
  • Fingerprints
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Dreams
  • Hungers
  • Physical needs: sleep, sex, health
  • Problems
  • Survival instinct
  • Scars

Everyone in the world has:

Personal/Global/Environmental health is priority.
We are all pieces of the big heart that is our world. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

One World

We are not one people, but we are one world.

We are entering an amazing Humanitarian Age of unity for the greater good. Our health is linked 100% to the health of the earth. Just like birds share the sky and fish share the seas, we share the planet. Cultures have different 'rules' and countries have unique politics. Yet today, around the world, global electronic unity is indisputable. This takes us to expanded levels of personal and public potential to work together for the greater good. Every person, every culture and every country needs clean air and clean water to stay healthy and thrive.

People are unique, yet we have the same need for to be true to ourselves. Inner peace is personal. While it's natural to unite to support the health of our planet, it's important to remember we don't give up any part of 'who we are' to do this. It's our differences that make us strong. Unique perspectives will bring new solutions to shared responsibilities. 

Using sensual thinking is the worldwide way to be responsible for our planet's health. Intuitive values guide us to create safe, mutual boundaries that keep us calm, so it's easy to work together to maintain our quality of life and the health our planet. Intuitive attitudes of courage, dignity, tenacity, prudence and gratitude transcend every culture providing a solid foundation for transparent communication and collaboration. Our priorities and privacy stay clear.

Being at peace in our world, despite our many differences, can happen as we remember our shared vital need for clean air and clean water. Without these, we all die. Moving forward depends on maintaining boundaries of global intuitive values that allow connection and our differences to thrive, without any hidden agendas. 

The Earth is bigger than we are, more powerful and more enduring. Every one of us breathes the same air and drinks the same water.  We are dependent upon the health of our Earth to survive. Let's keep priorities clear.

It's time to unite to champion ourselves, by joining to be at peace, by respecting our amazing planet. 

Peas and people can only thrive with clean air and clean water.
Bill Ebbesen, Photographer


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Follow Your Dreams

Intuitive values are the stuff of dreams. 

They drive our passions and bring us closer to the truth in our hearts. 

Don't deny your dreams. When you close your eyes tonight, vow to dream from your heart. It will be magical.

Intuitive values are filters we feel and project as attitude. These include dignity, curiosity, courage, patience and gratitude. Trusting them is trusting our dreams. They bring us personal strength, social opportunity and professional direction. All of it makes us charismatic.

The grass is greener when we water it. If you want more from your dreams, give more to your waking moments. It’s really all about what you are willing to invest in your desires right now. - How much do you want it and what are you willing do?

Realizing dreams is includes realizing the importance of placing limits on limits. Generally, we are too hard on ourselves. This backfires, causing personal doubt and self-anger. Growth, disappointment and self-development are the natural ebb and flow of every aspect of life. We all have our seasons. Stay on your path with intuitive values and trust your rhythm and your efforts. Dance more.

Do what is right and then, allow tides of change in your Life to rise and fall without feeling responsible. Often, change shakes out important facts or rids us of trash. Use what you feel with your mind and think with your senses to stay aware of your heart and in touch with your dreams. Talk less and sense more to discover productive collaborations, clear communication and creative solutions.

 "You are a worthy individual, no matter what your past, no matter what your thoughts, no matter who believes in you. You are life itself, growing and expanding and reaching upward. All people are valuable, beautiful and unique.  Every experience you have is meant to teach you more about creating love in your life.”  ~ Orin
"You are a worthy individual, no matter what your past, no matter what your thoughts, no matter who believes in you. You are life itself, growing and expanding and reaching upward. All people are valuable, beautiful and unique. Every experience you have is meant to teach you more about creating love in your life.” ~ Orin

When we follow our dreams it feels like love, divine dignity and peaceful joy. There are boundaries but no limits to enjoying the dance of Life.