Saturday, May 24, 2014

Attitude is Personal Power

Attitude is something we say with our eyes and hear with our hearts.

Life is not about what we think; it’s about what we sense.   

Be smart. Tune-in to attitude. You know more than you realize.
With the right attitude, anything is possible.

We are taught to think that life is what we think it is, but everyone over the age of 12 knows that life is full of the unthinkable and the unexpected. Besides emotions, we feel attitude. Attitude can make us aware or joyous. It is always the unspoken part of the conversation. Tuning-in to attitude is sensual syncing. It’s a natural way we communicate all the time.  

People reveal who they are with attitude. The more we sense attitude, the cooler our options. If we sense liars or hypocrites, we protect ourselves. If we sense kindness or transparency, we relax. Sensual syncing guides us away from confused, unhealthy decisions. We 'get' attitudes because what we sense is deeper than appearance . 

Sensing attitude is feeling with your mind. It's the powerful intuitive way to tune in that guide you to sense direction. When a situation is uncomfortable, knowing how you feel will guide smart choices. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind connects with the big picture to gives the powerful advantage of perspective. To sync with your intuitive safety net, search your heart  for feelings of dignity, self-discipline or courage. It's easy.

Attitude isn’t always personal. We don’t have to know each other to be able to connect with attitude. Sensual syncing is automatic. No matter what the words are, if the attitude is arrogant, angry or apathetic, it turns people off. When you are dignified, curious, courageous or patient, there is respect and there is no language barrier.

Things work out. With an attitude of self-respect, you can communicate without offending and make choices you don’t later regret. Sensual syncing is invisible body armor that keeps us open to possibilities, while protecting our decisions. Live your highest potential.

Timeless intuitive attitudes connect us with character, style, and each other. Feel your power. Go for your wildest dreams. Life is what we make it. 
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Mother

We are not Gods, but we take The Mother for granted.

If we were Gods, we would be filled with soul. We would honor Life, nature and each other. We would feel humility when we look at the stars. We cannot keep taking, raping, manipulating and smothering the earth.

The earth is our home. We owe her gratitude. Docile, devoted and alive, Mother Earth serves us. Together, we can be a collective moral force to return the favor. “We are a tribe, full of colors, shapes, sizes and different minds.” When we trust the truth that we feel, it’s natural to balance with each other to find answers and solutions.

Have you seen Mother Earth today? Did you see blue skies, flowers, green hills, or was she crying, ripped up, scarred and cold? I saw her cracked by fracking; shaking and quaking. Still, she did belch forth new life and roll over our mistakes with tidal waves of passion and nurturing. For now, the habit of her rhythms of day/night/day/night keep happening.

But like all Life, she needs love. Where is her lover? It was just “Mother’s Day” and Mother Earth needs us to recognize her.

She is fearless. She faces every new dimension of time and change calmly. Have you seen Mother Earth today? There was a new island born in the Atlantic Ocean. She conspires with nature to re-clean the water and the air, but it’s getting harder.

The secret of balance is being open to the unexpected. Our planet is a patient collaborator, gently spinning, allowing change and bringing balance around us. Nature is our greatest teacher. There are lessons in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we walk upon. Let’s think with our senses, including common sense,  and notice what’s happening.

Let’s be loyal to ourselves, the truth and each other. The time for loving Life is now. It makes sense to be thankful to Mother Earth because we are alive. The future is in-progress. We can be like Gods and honor Life, nature, each other and our earth. Let’s feel amazement when we look at the stars, and make a wish for a good future for all.

Lauren Owsiany does a profound and beautiful Spirit-Rap. Enjoy & Share.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


The Option.

I wrote a post for the site this week called, Good Timing. Sure, good timing feels like luck. The fact is that while luck is out of our control, good timing is always an option. So how do we find it? We get curious and Click the link.We tune to our 6th sense. Yep, in fact good timing is always luck and action. Thinking sensually is never passive


We know about passion - our world has so much that we hear someone screaming every day, and hardly notice. It's not a sensual passion because we're not making the connection. Without connecting, time slips away. 

Notice what you sense. Intuition is the gift that is in-tune with wonder and appreciation for having made it this far. It's a wake-up call. Good timing changes everything. 


Make the choice to identify with solid personal passions that focus on what feels 'right'Choice is more than knowing what to do and the secret in the wanting. Wanting is something you feel deeply that has no words. Sensing what feels right keeps your choices in tune with what you really want - and how to get it. Sensual thinking easily finds comfort that feels like balance. Think less, sense more and you will find 'it'. 

Being in sync with change makes timing a 'no brainer'. Feeling with our minds connects with heartfelt responsibility to passions and values. It's powerful. Sensual thinking is a collective moral force bringing us into a new Humanitarian Age. It's humbling, exhilarating, sexy and noble. 


The only time we fail is when we give up. Everybody falls off the wagon. Starting fresh is personal power. Life evolves by our choices and habits. The responsibility is to ourselves. No one makes us do anything. Take control of challenges by knowing yourself better. Think less, sense more and be amazed.


Timing is being in sync with change. We get where we want to go, when we are brave enough to trust what feels deeply right. Love happens spontaneously. Courage is not an option; it's part of the spark of life. Feel it to connect with timing. Get what you want. You are born to be humble, exhilarated, sexy and noble. Talk less, sense more, be amazed. Use your intuitive brain power.

May your eyes shine with insight and potential and may the waves of time be kind to you. 
Live your dream.
  • Cheap Trick - "I want you to want me." 1979

Friday, May 2, 2014

The (R)evolution

"Revolution is not a onetime event."~A. Lorde

Today's revolution is natural evolution towards collaboration, transparent communication and celebration of creativity for the common good. We are shedding a past gutted with strife to dance forward with change and challenges by tuning-in to what we sense with heart, body, mind and soul. We are now multi-dimensional thinkers. The past is history. Today is opportunity.

Thought evolution keeps us curious. It feels good. As we think with our senses and feel with our mind, we anticipate evolution.  We're constantly fine-tuning the way we think to 
sync with momentum of change. We are resetting the moral compass by connecting with character and over-riding dogma. 

Thinking sensually spikes Dignity. It's a blend of hard earned-wisdom from the past 2000 years with effervescent opportunities pinging through our world today. What we sense is a constant reality check to clarify values and boundaries connecting us. We are working to evolve into a mode of global collaboration for the greater good. That means we celebrate our differences by trusting what we have in common. 

Sensual thinking is the now (r)evolutionary way to communicate. It is talking less and sensing more. This now way we relate enhances what is natural and flexible. It's so simple, we don't realize we do it. It's refreshing, exciting and grounding to 
ride with change.

Sensual thinking is a celebration of natural creativity that has no cultural boundaries or dogma. Like water, it's everywhere, morphs and serves our lives. We curious and dignified. We communicate by tuning into self-respect, courage and grace. We affirm our inner character. 

Everything cultural and natural changes. Even versions of "the truth" go in and out of fashion. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, unites us for the greater good. That's intense and  common sense! 

Last night, I was at a classic NYC party honoring photographer Lucien Clergue,  known for his erotic, elegant, playful photographs. He’s 90 and the event was full of interesting people, including a man who introduced himself as in “mergers and acquisitions”. When I said that the industrial age was dead, he became offended, reminding me that equipment we use today is from the industrial age. OMG. When I say the industrial age is dead, I mean that the DOGMA that created it is no longer relevant.  

As we stay in tune with change, relevant answers and new possibilities emerge to effectively deal with personal and global issues in new ways. Sensual thinking is not memorizing answers; it's understanding answers in the context of intuitive global values and change.

By relying on intuitive values we trust, in order to think clearly with natural courage and dignity, we are pushing open the door to a new Humanitarian Age. Thought evolution is cool.