Friday, May 16, 2014

The Mother

We are not Gods, but we take The Mother for granted.

If we were Gods, we would be filled with soul. We would honor Life, nature and each other. We would feel humility when we look at the stars. We cannot keep taking, raping, manipulating and smothering the earth.

The earth is our home. We owe her gratitude. Docile, devoted and alive, Mother Earth serves us. Together, we can be a collective moral force to return the favor. “We are a tribe, full of colors, shapes, sizes and different minds.” When we trust the truth that we feel, it’s natural to balance with each other to find answers and solutions.

Have you seen Mother Earth today? Did you see blue skies, flowers, green hills, or was she crying, ripped up, scarred and cold? I saw her cracked by fracking; shaking and quaking. Still, she did belch forth new life and roll over our mistakes with tidal waves of passion and nurturing. For now, the habit of her rhythms of day/night/day/night keep happening.

But like all Life, she needs love. Where is her lover? It was just “Mother’s Day” and Mother Earth needs us to recognize her.

She is fearless. She faces every new dimension of time and change calmly. Have you seen Mother Earth today? There was a new island born in the Atlantic Ocean. She conspires with nature to re-clean the water and the air, but it’s getting harder.

The secret of balance is being open to the unexpected. Our planet is a patient collaborator, gently spinning, allowing change and bringing balance around us. Nature is our greatest teacher. There are lessons in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we walk upon. Let’s think with our senses, including common sense,  and notice what’s happening.

Let’s be loyal to ourselves, the truth and each other. The time for loving Life is now. It makes sense to be thankful to Mother Earth because we are alive. The future is in-progress. We can be like Gods and honor Life, nature, each other and our earth. Let’s feel amazement when we look at the stars, and make a wish for a good future for all.

Lauren Owsiany does a profound and beautiful Spirit-Rap. Enjoy & Share.

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