Saturday, May 24, 2014

Attitude is Personal Power

Attitude is something we say with our eyes and hear with our hearts.

Life is not about what we think; it’s about what we sense.   

Be smart. Tune-in to attitude. You know more than you realize.
With the right attitude, anything is possible.

We are taught to think that life is what we think it is, but everyone over the age of 12 knows that life is full of the unthinkable and the unexpected. Besides emotions, we feel attitude. Attitude can make us aware or joyous. It is always the unspoken part of the conversation. Tuning-in to attitude is sensual syncing. It’s a natural way we communicate all the time.  

People reveal who they are with attitude. The more we sense attitude, the cooler our options. If we sense liars or hypocrites, we protect ourselves. If we sense kindness or transparency, we relax. Sensual syncing guides us away from confused, unhealthy decisions. We 'get' attitudes because what we sense is deeper than appearance . 

Sensing attitude is feeling with your mind. It's the powerful intuitive way to tune in that guide you to sense direction. When a situation is uncomfortable, knowing how you feel will guide smart choices. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind connects with the big picture to gives the powerful advantage of perspective. To sync with your intuitive safety net, search your heart  for feelings of dignity, self-discipline or courage. It's easy.

Attitude isn’t always personal. We don’t have to know each other to be able to connect with attitude. Sensual syncing is automatic. No matter what the words are, if the attitude is arrogant, angry or apathetic, it turns people off. When you are dignified, curious, courageous or patient, there is respect and there is no language barrier.

Things work out. With an attitude of self-respect, you can communicate without offending and make choices you don’t later regret. Sensual syncing is invisible body armor that keeps us open to possibilities, while protecting our decisions. Live your highest potential.

Timeless intuitive attitudes connect us with character, style, and each other. Feel your power. Go for your wildest dreams. Life is what we make it. 
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

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