Saturday, May 10, 2014


I wrote a post for the site this week called, Good Timing. Sure, good timing feels like luck. The fact is that while luck is out of our control, good timing is always an option. So how do we find it? We get curious and Click the link.We tune-in to our 6th sense. Yep, in fact good timing is always luck and action. Thinking sensually is never passive. 

We know about passion - our world has so much that we hear someone screaming every day, and hardly notice. It's not a sensual passion because we're not making the connection. Sensual intuitive thinking is tuning in to the gift of life with wonder and appreciation for having made it this far. Timing is important. 

Choices we make are more than knowing what to do and the secret in the wanting. Wanting is something we feel deeply that has no words. Sensual thinking keeps in tune with what we want - and how to get it. We easily find confidence that feels like balance. We identify with solid personal passions that focus on what feels 'right'. Think less, sense more and you will find 'it'. It's intuitive.

Thinking in sync with change makes timing a 'no brainer'. Feeling with our minds connects with heartfelt responsibility to our passions and values. It's powerful. Sensual thinking is a collective moral force bringing us into a new Humanitarian Age. It's humbling, exhilarating, sexy and noble. 

The only time we fail is when we give up. Everybody falls off the wagon. Starting fresh is personal power. Life is created by our choices and our habits. Our responsibility is to ourselves. No one makes us do anything. Take control of challenges by knowing yourself better. Think less, sense more and be amazed.

Timing is being in sync with change. We can only get where we want to go when we are brave enough to trust what feels deeply right. Courage is not an option; it's part of the spark of life. Feel it and connect with timing. 
Get what you want. Be humble, exhilarated, sexy and noble. Talk less, sense more, be amazed. Use your whole brain power.

May your eyes shine with insight and potential and may the waves of time be kind to you. 
Live your dream.
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Good Timing
  • Cheap Trick - "I want you to want me." 1979


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