Saturday, August 19, 2017


We are time-sensitive. 
photo by Giuseppe Bovo

Sensing time is how we learn what alive feels like.

While artificial intelligence strives to be "real", we experience 'real' time.  For us, every moment that passes can never come again. 

Sensuality is cellular spontaneity that separates us from AI. Yes, the mind works like a computer, which makes it our hard drive - complete with viruses and spam. 

But, our 6 senses cannot be programmed. Intuition is felt by our mind like a breeze or a kiss. And like the wind and love, sensuality transforms our moments.

The clock is ticking. Listen, inhale, see, taste, touch. What you choose to do can change everything. Your amazing sensuality spontaneously syncs you with good timing and momentum that feels like love. 

You are time-sensitive for a purpose. Sensing is how you are feel alive. We are always aging, learning, becoming and experiencing the moment. Expand your senses by feeling purpose, connection and rejection. Follow what feels right. Your timing will be good.

Sensuality is how we find love. Machines cannot organically morph with heart. Even when AI self-programs to update, it cannot have or relate to soul. AI needs the matrix. We need Love.

You have soul and are part of the big picture. Every choice you make matters. Time is the essence of Life. This could be the last dance – so kick it up by opening your eyes, mind and heart! Everything is possible. Sensuality is more than a convenience. Sensual thinking is the portal to rejuvenation, passion and soul. 

Sensuality is the cellular gift. It exists to make sure we vibrate with each other in the dance of Life. Living is amazing. Your 5 senses can only open your moments, not your mind. Your intuition is the music of your free and willing heart. 

You have natural tools that are intuitive.  That's how you sense inner courage, determination or curiosity that sync with good timing. The 6th sense is how we know soul, focus and the paceEverything changes but your deepest values and needs. Sensing is liberating. Stay free. 

Dance through change with dignity to be forever Free. Ride moonbeams. Sense wonder. Surf desires that balance your moments. Honor your spirit. Dream of priceless Peace, Love, Freedom and Joy. Trust your gut. You are born to evolve.

Intuition is soul connection with the essence of who you are. It is not your personality or intelligence. It is the spark that inhabits every breath you take. Without sensuality, we are robots.

When people age, vision gets worse, or hearing goes bad or the sense of touch isn't there. This often happens pre-maturely when we don't understand how necessary it is to enjoy natural insights. Open the eye of your heart to sense the wonder of being alive.

We are time-sensitive because we are born to evolve. Refresh your state of mind before the expiration date. Be part of change.

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Last Dance, #Donna Summer

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