Saturday, October 24, 2015


Touch is cosmic love that we crave. 

Touch is food for the soul. 

Everything important must be felt. We are born hungry for the touch of freedom, healing, justice, love and peace. Touch is the multidimensional way we connect with what matters. It's how we satisfy appetites for communication and understanding. 

Touching and feeling are the transcendent sparkle of Life. Multidimensional sensations of touch defy description - erotic, sensational, ticklish, reassuring, invasive, relaxing – touch is infinite. Everything touches us. Inside our heart, intuitive values resonate with calm understanding. Disrespect feels like a slap in the face. The light of good shines through everyone. 

Touch is astounding. 

A caress can make us giddy. The touch of freedom is a gust of joy. Touch awakens dreams and Destiny. A sexual touch tunes to rituals of Loving. Love, values, romance and destiny all bloom with the intimate touch of intuition

My iPad only responds only to a light touch. If I'm rough, it ignores me. Have you ever been in a relationship like that? Technology trains us to relate sensually. 

It's the sensitive touch that teases open every kind of potential. Sensuality uncovers change and dissolves limits. A light touch easily unlocks connections so that we can know answers to follow our dream. 

Go for peak living.

Personal priorities and global links are defined through what we sense. With infinite touches, we know we are part of something bigger. The peak experience is wonder and peace. We reach for the touch of love with our eyes, lips, heart, skin, mind and voice. The touch of freedom is the spark of life.

We are created by love and naturally turn to love to evolve. We crave its openings to know ourselves and each other better. Who hasn't stared at the moon with yearning or been hungry for love and understanding? The touch of starlight is real. Sense the touch of simple cosmic connections with justice, freedom, peace and healing that amazingly unify humanity. All we need is love. Our most powerful connections are intuitive.  

Feel the touch.

Curiosity, courage, dignity and patience touch us -- and we respond with the sense of self-respect and presence. Stay in-tune with the touch of communication. Notice what you sense to feel balance and purpose. If we ignore our senses, we lose perspective and direction. Bad things happen.

Life blossoms with gentle stroking. One thing leads to another. Feeling and touch inspire connections, creativity and passion. Touch fuels dreams. Feel what is right. Respond with dignity, courage and curiosity and good things come together. Share the touch of love #End Famine

Something can touch you and change your life. The path will be different, but your heart will be the same. Your soul will be the same. It is the intuitive touch.  Stay in touch with the beating of your heart. Sometimes, Life is a touch. Listen for it.

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