Saturday, October 31, 2015


Temptation is a tease. 

Photograph by Giuseppe Bovo

You are stronger than temptation. 

Think with your eyes, listen with your heart. Depend on courage, dignity and curiosity to stay tuned to what matters. When you feel the pull of temptation, talk less and sense more. 

We are surrounded by temptation. It's a seductive urge that drives us to ignore self-respect. The more we notice it, the more demanding it gets. The pressure of temptation pushes us to jump to conclusions or squander the future.

Self-respect is sensual reasoning that is in tune with what is genuine in the moment. Sensing what feels right highlights soul values like love, loyalty and justice that satisfy soul passions.

Be sensual. Resist temptation that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Temptation creates emotional illusions that defy common sense. The opportunity to lose weight, have a great love affair or start over, can be heightened or destroyed by temptation.  Don't gamble against self-respect. 

Temptation rushes timing and as a result, opportunities collapse. When a struggle with desire is a battle with timing, we forget what matters.  Sensing what's real renews easy connections with timing and perspective

Temptation highlights desires in the moment that are fleeting. Curiosity is the intuitive way we stay tuned to the bigger picture. Sensing what feels right  brings natural insights that show best timing for comfort, satisfaction and achieving dreams.

Question the tease of temptation. Think with your senses and feel with your mind by noticing what you notice.  Consider your insights and timing. Trust temptation that takes you to your highest potential.

Sensing your values is the intuitive nudge to be loyal to heart and soul passions. This kind of self- respect is the foundation for happiness. Make choices that feel right to stay in-tune with the pace of life momentum

Doing the right thing syncs with timing that brings peace of mind. Self-respect more powerful and important than temptation. Stay in-tune with your spirit.

You are part of reality. Take the challenge to overcome resistance to re-think or have to re-learn what appears to be facts. Ask yourself, what are you doing today that's accepting a reality that doesn't exist?


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