Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stay Connected

Stay connected with strategies that come from the heart.

Life gets tangled. We live through storms and don't know how long they will last. Tangles turn into knots. We may blame ourselves. When the big picture gets lost, passions fade. Stay untangled. Notice what you sense. Connect.

Fine-tune what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell an you will stay connected with the heart of your needs. Talk less; sense more. Listen with your ears, eyes, mind and spirit. The power of passion always kicks-in when we use intuitive tools like courage, tenacity, patience or dignity to find answers. Sensing automatically resets focus and primes clarityBe gentle with yourself. The truth is never jarring.

The power of perspective is important and exciting. You know much more than you realize. You can pick-up the slack  and stay connected to what matters by keeping the big picture in focus. It's intuitive to build passions that are vibrant connections with funspirit and common sense.  Thinking with your senses keeps the present in focus.  Feeling with your mind protects long-term priorities.

Different challenges need different solutions. Sensing keeps us tuned to what's real. Sensual thinking organically connects with good timing and variety. Our intuitive perspective naturally stays relaxed. That's why it's automatic to sync with change and love. 
Frustration and doubt throw us off balance

Tune-in to simplicity you sense,  honesty you feel and the anchor of experience. You  will discover balance and traction. Thinking sensually lead to a relaxed tuned-in state of mind. 

Intuitive tools like courage, dignity, patience, curiosity and tenacity tap into inner strength to keep you clearly in sync with your life. Patience is the intuitive reality check that saves time and deletes confusion. Don't be afraid to trust it to stay connected. 

Life is finite, don't waste time fighting with change. Think sensually to have momentum and connection. Use intuitive filters of courage, tenacity and dignity to keep the resilient focus you need to stay true to yourself. 

Like music, life has many notes, refrains and melodies. Dance more. Take time to feel the music in your heart. Discover your intuitive power to connect with change. When life gets tangled:

  • Have an attitude of forgiving. Often the person to forgive is you. Anger and regret are detours that tangle. The past is history. You are here now. Today is your opportunity to stay connected to the voice in your heart.
  •  Be bold. Change rooms in your mind for a day.

Be more observant. Take time to see what's going on to be in sync with the big picture of your life and our planet. Answers are blowing in the wind.

Bob Dylan, Blowin in the Wind.

reprint from Sensual Thinking

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