Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rhythms of Thanksgiving

the colors of delight 

Courage, dignity, and confident beauty are rhythms of Thanks-giving. They are inner music that connects us with the intuitive shine of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude is like a beam of light. The reflection is silent. We are thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds.

Thinking sensually is how we search for balance and justice in ourselves and our world. Confident beauty is inner peace. With open eyes, ears, heart and mind, we kiss the lips of gratitude. It feels good.

Being thankful is tuning-in to cosmic heartbeats of wonder,  freedom and love. As the poets say, "the subject is always love." I believe in the power of humanity.

Like leaves dancing in the wind, we are part of nature and feel rhythms of living. To be thankful, we don't have to think outside of the box because there is no box. Intuitively, we are energy of life that connects through lightwaves, sound waves, the sensuality of soul, and chance.

I live in New York City, the melting pot of the world. Every day, centuries of historical prejudice that plague other nations is erased here. I'm writing this on the no.4 train, packed full of people of every age and hue. This is an easy time for me to reflect on being thankful.

I'm thankful to have a place to live and food to eat. I'm thankful to know my family and where I come from. I'm thankful that I'm not persecuted for my religion or sex.  I'm thankful for courageous people all over the world who choose justice and love. 

I'm thankful for ingenuity and resilience of the human spirit. I'm thankful to be alive, to see the sunrise, to feel the kiss of moonlight and to dance and dance with the mysteries and magic of sensuality.

Any day is a good day to inhale reflection and exhale Peace. Make time for a deep breath once a day. Celebrate and be thankful for your body, heart and soul. Dance with rhythms of cosmic love.

Choose love and don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart. ~ Jim Carrey
Enjoy this inspiring video.


Written on a crowded commute from NYC to Brooklyn.

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  1. A very timely look out from the city of constant inclusion! Peace, Mari