Sunday, December 31, 2017

Taste Life.

The uniquely human thrill of tasting life is the buffer zone between you and stress. Sensual thinking makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

Ring in the new year with passion and freedom. My resolution is to taste what I eat, give eye contact when I talk and to love more

Passion is sensuality that shimmers with potential and action. It's our appetite for Life. Really tasting life refreshes everything. The secret journey of the soul is a natural hum of happiness.

Sensuality is the texture and feel of human connection. We sense style - our own and others. Discover yours by noticing what you sense, especially when you eat. 

How you eat mirrors the way you interact in relationships. Eat with heart, style and confidence. Swallow what you love. Be grateful that you have food. Great style is being clear about priorities. It's about taste. Do you savor the flavor or eat really fast?

Recognize what's important by eating for energy and taste. If you do this for a week, you will automatically be less stressed and more discriminating in other areas of your Life. Train your brain to choose the hum of happiness. Sensuality is presence. Indulge yourself and feel it. 
  • Let your tongue, mouth and body receive the flavor of nourishment. 
  • Chew slowly and let digestion happen naturally. Intuitive eating is tuning-in to natural physical rhythms. We are not machines.
Machines can’t love. They can’t experience real desire or know what spontaneity is. Machines can’t taste food. They have no soul. Only you can know the hum of happiness. Machines fake it.

When Life is stressful, it's common to lose touch with personal humanity. Then, we eat without tasting and forget to breathe. 
  • Sense what feels right to get out of your head.
  • Breathe deeply before you eat to connect with dignity
  • Have dessert.
  • Make a commitment to feel your body at mealtime. 
  • Be happy.
Taste is the decider of style. Everything you taste with your eyes, lips , mind and heart is a spontaneous sensual adventure that gives Life flavor. Give yourself freedom to relax and enjoy mealtime. The more you do, this habit of giving yourself freedom will snowball into other parts of your Life. 

Priorities are private. No matter how busy you are, remember that you are not a machineTaste Life! Love. Embrace all the flavors. When you're clear about what you sense, the natural hum of happiness reflects in your eyes. Everyone can see it.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Today is uniquely satisfying in ways that nothing else can touch. Enjoy your moments. Share purpose, humor and longing. Let love light you up. Taste happiness and understanding. Live with peace in your heart. Be honorable and you will sleep well tonight.

This is your day. Value it. You are light, humor, change and sensuality. Your moments are built on dreams, passions, struggle and reward. Today is your opportunity to honor your soul by living well. Today is a new chance to see what you need, have want you want and speak from your heart.

The present is all we have. Hold close what you value and love deeply when you can. Let go of what feels wrong and keep dancing. Breathe deeply with your whole body. This moment is sacred. Use it well.

Nothing is interchangeable with today. To find true love be true to your heart. Don't sweat the small stuff. You have all the answers. Curiosity is the drive of courage. Passion that opens your eyes is the spirit of determination. Laughter is a lubricant for possibilities and the answer for the impossible.

Today your life has taken root, and your lips, mind and heart are golden branches in tune with the sky. Play soft notes with your words for they become the pillow of tomorrow's dreams. Today they shape the wind.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. #T. S.Eliot 

Life is not shy. From the obscure to the outrageous, it's adventure. Sometimes there's an exquisite madness and we can only talk about Love. The pleasure of being in the flow of living is sensing it. You are energy that syncs with timing, intent and direction. Your mind/body connection is sensual. It is deeper and more satisfying than wordsLet your mind notice what you sense and the physical buzz of momentum and adventure is effortless.  

Sensuality is the experience. You need it to understand who you are. You depend on what you sense to navigate desire and follow passions. Curiosity is the beginning of sensing that brings instant connections with excitement and purpose. Thinking with your senses – more eye contact, deeper hearing, inhaling desire, responding to intent and tasting satisfaction– takes Life to the arena of Love. 

Loving, laughter and surprise are part of adventure's package. The peak and thread-thru of everything is Love. Humor kick-starts new rhythms and connections. 

Welcome natural rhythms of ecstasy.  Relax. Inhale white light of imagination and compassion deep into your heart and down to your gut. Touch shoulders with common sense and charisma. It's all part of the adventure.

As Life conjures the unexpected or the amazing, sensing what's real goes beyond the obvious tapping into easy tranquility. It's a gentle perspective that feels like understanding or balance. Creative potential inside the adventure is instant and intuitive. When life serves lemons and you decide to make lemonade – that is creative thinking. Fine tune your sensuality to access your creative intuition, and then, use it to navigate the adventure any time, anywhere.  

When you think with your senses, there is a spiritual affinity with inner confidence that keeps you moving forward through adventure, adapting to change and bending around obstacles, without stress.

Sitting in traffic or simply waiting in a line can be jarring. When this happens our mind takes off searching for a sense of rhythm, momentum or timing. To relax and realign your mind with these soul rhythms, feel your body breathing.  

Breathing deeply and slowing, in and out tunes your mind to naturally soothing body rhythms. It immediately diffuses the physical impact of stress. Take 2 breaths slowly in and slowly let them out.

The impact of difficult decisions fades when you sense an intuitive answer. Although you sense exactly what you need, the answer may surprise you. It may not be what someone else wants to hear. Use sensual thinking to find inner confidence to trust what feels right. In fact, it is possible to train your brain to reason sensually by eating intuitively. 
  • If you eat whatever is easy or grab without discriminating, you might be accepting less than you deserve in other areas of your life. Eating is a way to train you mind to sense purpose. Have the courage to use your intuitive power of curiosity. Taste what feels healthy. Tune to your body's reaction. 
  • If you eat fast, or don't really taste your food, you might be the type who misses the big picture. Your  life is big. Get to know your body. It is the home of your heart and soul. Don't eat what you don't like or want. If you eat less, you will not starve. By listening to what you sense, you give yourself unexpected breathing room to make smarter decisions. 
  • This is your adventure. Honor yourself, and others will respect you. 
Life adventure is a blend of intimacy and sharing.  Did you ever stare at someone and they turned towards you? Sensual connections happen 24/7. As you read this, my energy of light and focus, is blending with yours. Adventure is extremes from amazing highs to shattering lows. It's important to keep the light shining. Make a pact with yourself to notice Love. 

Breathing is soul music. When things get strange, listen to music is to use the mind/body power of sensual focus to reset your intuitive heart/mind/body/soul rhythm. 
  • Start with music that touches you in a private way. Remember to breathe.
  • Close your eyes and feel energy of simple focus with your tongue and ears until your lips start to curl up and your eyes open, refreshed. 
  • Rhythm you sense is the adventure.
  • Dance beyond the obvious into the realm of imagining 

Everything you can imagine is real. #Picasso



Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence is the voice of your soul. It’s intuitive drive for harmony and peace that cuts through lies and deceit that threaten you. Energy you sense is the healing ticket to inner balance and the power of patience.  

From 'fake news' to virtual reality, we are bombarded. A stressed mind, clogged with fear, doubt or negativity, is a tool of the system. Don't be manipulated. Trust the sound of silence

You can sense lies and hear past illusion. Don't force your mind to wrap around anything. Instead, be open to your gut feelingFocus on self-respect and kindness. Sidestep disaster and bias by choosing to walk your own walk. Use music to stay connected and grounded. 

Give yourself a moment of silence to tune to the bigger picture. You can navigate change by responding to your sense of right and wrong. Don't think so much. Take actions that feel valuable and you will find clarity and companionship. 

Take a sensual break from mental overload to strip the cloying grip of stress. Listen to the sound of silence:
·       Breathe
·       Close your eyes
·       Lick your lips
·       Enter softness
·       Sense happiest
·       Be comfortable

Things take longer than we anticipate We all struggle to understand, grow and be our potential. Take space to be patient with yourself. Free your mind. It is in moments of waiting that ideas happen. 

Intuitive thinking is our cosmic appetite for balance, love and destiny. We are always making choices about what to eat or wear or how to respond. Consuming an overload of indigestible “news” or GMO’d foods creates stress. Intuitive eating is the way to train your brain to sidestep stress

Every skill, including intuitive thinking can be mastered by practice. Train your brain to master the moment by eating intuitively. You eat every day. Practice means benefits. You will digest your food better and be healthier by eating with intuitive tools.  
Intuitive answers like listening to your heart and responding to your body become second nature. 

Sensual thinking is the option to be humane that brings remarkable fulfillment. When you say and do what you believe, it's fun.  Outsmart the system by disciplining yourself to use intuitive tools while you eat. Doing this will rewire your mind.

We are here to help each other. Being in-tune with what you know is right for the greater good makes Life feel worthwhile. Your heart knows where it wants to be. Be yourself. You will find love waiting for you. Trust the sound of silence to find peace, comfort and excitement. 

Don't be tricked by 'fake' news or stress into responding the 'old ways'. Think outside the box. Trust your values. Your words and actions have power to change everything. It's little things that form important relationships. 

Sensual answers are the gentle foundation of companionship and stability. In the sound of silence, distinctly unspoken human feelings like Love, patience, dignity, curiosity and wonder connect us. Sensuality takes Life to another dimension. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Excitement of Purpose

Purpose is intuition that guides you to make smart decisions. What happens in your mind is private. What takes Life to the next level is passion. Purpose is exciting. 

Sensual awareness sparks passions that drive new connections with purpose. Intuition is sensuality that unburdens stress. It creatively and spontaneously rearranges and rebalances the weight of your responsibilities.  

Creativity is streamlined inner passion that sweeps you off your path into the rainbow hued sunlight of purpose and potential. It is intuitive synergy where your wild mind is focused by a disciplined eye to find connections that are exciting or meaningful. Intuition keeps us more efficient so we can get more done with a lot less effort.

How has your day been so far? What nearly knocked you off-balance? What touched your heart? Make an inventory of where you are and where you're going. Notice the small things, colors, shadows, scents. Take a deep breath to pause and creatively connect with the excitement of purpose.

Peace of mind is the strength of inner character to address and navigate the present. Stay away from anyone who 'knows all the answers'. Everything is changing. You can think for yourself.  You are constantly creatively sharing and balancing emerging energy of change to find what you need. 

Significant transformation is in your future as you begin sensing change. Your sensuality brings purpose, passion and humanity to decision making. It boosts communication and drives creative excitement. Things happen. Lucid Living in the virtual age is a productivity booster. 

Your eyes, tongue, lips and heart constantly inform your mind to inform purpose. Notice what you sense because there is no choice. You must fearlessly and creatively navigate change in your life. Make eye contact and listen when someone speaks to know what's real. Everything you say and do matters. 

Intuitive sensual connections build relationships that satisfy purpose and peace of mind. Whether you want to get to the next skill-level, to know love, or to build your business – noticing pace and energy you sense is the way to significantly drive what you do and say, to creatively track with purpose

The fact is, you access creativity – you feel curious and know excitement. Life holds your heart. Creativity, peace and love thrive in an open mind. Sensuality is a splash of energy that flips you up a notch. It can be a refreshing breath of insight or a kiss of light. You feel it. Momentum is exciting. 

Be your highest potential. Use change for introspection, collaboration and innovation. You will find timing has integrity along the path of purpose. Discipline your wild mind with your creative heart. All sorts of things that feel incredibly right will happen.

There is a magical edge to Life. Keep sharpening the blade of change by thinking with your senses. Stay in tune with purpose by feeling with your mind. There is a pot of gold waiting for you. 
Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. ~ HenryDavidThoreau