Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Be Regal

The path is open to build a more humane world where courage and dignity are valued. 

The energy is not about chasing a moment. It's about making it a habit to rise with the moment. Answers you need are in front of you. 

Track change with dignity. Let purpose fuel your glamourous soul. Major transitions are unfolding around you. Be authentic. Fulfilling purpose is an act of will. 

Use today for a deep dip in the refreshing waters of self-respect. Human courage, honor and humility are invincible. Intuition is unfiltered inner understanding that keeps your values clear. Be responsible for who you are. Keep the window to your soul open.

by Omar Alnahi from Pexels
The drive of purpose.
In every heart, the drive of purpose vibrates with the thrill of excitement and a steady beat of clarity. Sometimes it hurts to stay clear about what’s real. Sometimes you have to keep breaking your heart until it opens#Rumi  

Protecting what you value intensifies what feels good. Use this amazing time to focus your unique intention to do good by honoring your sense of purpose. 

Take actions that vibrate with truth, justice, kindness, and courage. The future is yours to create.

No obligation.
Everything is changing. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago. Rise above the drama. Make decisions that change life for the better. 

This is the season of change. Good times are coming at a cosmic speed. You are part of the plan. The seed of achievement is inside you. 
Stay curious and appreciate the little things. They add up.
When you have a dream, write it down. Then look for it everywhere. 

Be regal.
Communicate carefully and dance with style and rhythm. Don’t tolerate being disrespected or manipulated. Be gracious. Override the emotional indignity of anger. Always pay attention to what you are creating. Make the world a better place.

Today is a new beginning. Purpose, love and awe bubble under your skin.  Resolve to be passionate. Create your own peace. Use courage and common sense to take things one step farther.
Don’t make promises when you’re happy.
Don’t reply when you’re angry.
Don’t decide when you’re sad. #Kushandwizdom

Notice what catches your eye and moves you forward.  While life is changing, don’t get lost in schools of thought. Thinking is over-rated. Stay tuned to your values to keep evolving. Visualize solid results of your most daring dreams.

Energy reaches inside you – like a kiss, a smile or fear. It all reaches your heart. Why else would you do a double take in a blink? or smell perfume and feel more alive? or shy from danger? The contagious thrust of living is invisible energy like faith, passion, and compassion. Use these to honor Life.

Intuition is the path of personal clarity. Like purpose, love, and wonder – soul
is impossible to describe and fabulous to experience. Be fabulous. Believe in the voice of your soul. Let yourself evolve. This is your time.
At the end of the day, Do not feel lonely. The entire universe is inside you.#Rumi

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Edge

People are beautiful. Our birthright is the drive to know the truth, recognize the thrill of purpose, and have all the magic of love. Passion for these takes us to the edge. The edge is sharp and sparkles, and shifts with time. Navigating is intuitive.
art by Harold Balazs
Whether it cuts or excites, the edge is your reality. Think on your feet by noticing what you sense. That’s the foundation to build on to have peace of mind. 

Reality is tough-love. Take action that serves your spirit by keeping your eyes open and your mind alert. Trust your heart. Love is everywhere.

Some things are good to do, because they are good to do. Taste your food, be grateful, make eye-contact and tune to what feels right. The music of time is always playing.

Automatically, everything you sense holds your heart close to the edge. The intangible leap of faith called passion keeps you safe. 

Tune to your finest assets. Take chances, fall in love, get confused, and wake up grateful. The voice of your heart leads to purpose.

Every day it’s intuitive to text faster and search more. Technology trains us to be sensual and intuitive. Softly tapping your phone is where you find satisfaction, or you relax, reconnecting with the edge while playing a game or listening to music. Your intuitive mind is smart. It's always focused on your edge. Listen for the penetrating melody of love. Trust your gut.

When the edgy is in focus, it’s easy to navigate change. You sense when what's happening – is not right or not enough. Use your mind to feel curious and uncover what’s bogus. The edge always shifts. Answers are not predictable. That’s the truth. “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” #PauloCoehlo  

Even when the edge is sharp, dance. It’s worth the effort. Intuition is easy. You will be surprised by your strength. You are beautiful. Demands and rhythms you sense are melodies of empathy, timing, and intimacy guiding you to taste all the flavors of love, along the edge. 

Insights that you sense are an endless supply of clean energy to transcend negativity that could push you away from truth, purpose or love. You are born to bloom. Face the sun and follow your dream. 

Today is the edge. Walk with time wisely. Don’t let what’s complicated or demanding, drown the voice of your heart. Check-in to reality. It’s everywhere. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Winter's Spiritual Revolution*


Change is a heart/mind/body affair. Winter wind and cold sparkCold winds sharpen soul awareness that connects dignity with destiny. We can't ignore it.  

A spiritual (r)evolution is rolling across the world. Everyone is caught in rhythms of change. Sensual thinking gently and firmly is refocus. It's head's up to rhythms of spiritual (r)evolution.

Embrace the season. Darkness and cold build stamina. In winter the light keeps shifting. Notice what you sense to navigate change. Answers are everywhere. Nature is our guide. 

Stamina builds passions. Use the long nights to refresh focus on what deeply matters. Yearnings and desire are the sensual nudge of soul. There is nothing sedentary about winter. 


Winter demands patience and presence. There's really no choice. Snowflakes tag us to look up, to sense wonder, and notice the quiet joy and power of life.  Reflection is the miracle fuel of      passion and the gear shift of action. We see our breath float in the air. With a renewed self-respect, we remember who we are. It's common sense. Today is a good day to sense magic and miracles

Inner confidence grows during the short days. In winter’s gentle light, music of inner harmony never skips a beat. Light a candle. Let it snow. Blizzards bring blankets of endurance where we re-discover indispensable intuitive hungers and the drive for the warmth of justice, freedom, and love

Cold winds demand character. Nature relentlessly teaches. We learn about ourselves, our world, and each other. Alive inside the action of winter's embrace, we lean hard toward what’s warm. Winter brings transformation


 Beat the oddsDance with the beat of your heart. Endurance evolves and we are lifted to celestial heights of imagining. Always, Life is free-fall. Like snowflakes, we float and swirl.

Changing rhythms of day and night reincarnate. The inner nudge wakes up connections.  Rhythms and timing warms up.
Meet with old friends. Find new ways to be creative. Your sensory presence tunes to the gift of life to recharge heart, body and spirit.

As energy of change wraps like a satin ribbon around the world, talk about history, heroes and forgiving. Connect with universal needs like kindness,  hunger and family.

Velvet black skies are cozy blankets of hope and dreams. Enter the moment. Push to limits of courage. Recharge natural dignityBe your finest. Spring is coming.   
#janebernard   *reprint from 2/2016 

Candle In The Wind, Elton John

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yellow Brick Road

A Time Like No Other

Liberty Street,  NYC
Life along the yellow brick road navigating between right and wrong, is a dance. When you need it, courage shows up, graceful like a knight or a princess, in shining armor.  

Sensuality is enchanting.  Curiosity is a noble passion and courage is pure soul-dignity. You have it all. 

Like a crystal in the moonlight, there's a glow of change that's curious. Politics, like a sleight of hand, draws attention away from what really matters. Today's needs are about humanity. Like a love affair that's over, politics has lost its luster.

Touch like an angel. 

Let yourself feel it. Moral courage is passion that lives in every heart. These are wild times. There is a new dynamic. Everything and everyone is getting rebalancedMostly passion is soulTrust your soul. Courage is honor that only exists in the moment.

Across time people have wondered, who am I,  “I am that I am,” the voice answered. Listen deeply with your heart, body and soul. Life is amazing. You have the spark of courage. It is a firm and gentle touch.

Self-respect keeps happiness in focus. 

It’s natural to crave freedom, kindness and love. Intuition is life-saving common senseCourage that is in your blood with attitude and passion, is simple self-respect. Feel the flame. This election is about humanity. It’s about you.

Inescapable truths are not always pleasant. Knowing the truth means knowing you have a choice to be courageous. The flame inside your heart is alive. It will always keep you warm.  Don't take anything for granted because you won't have it tomorrow. 

The social foundation of life is changing. Heart, attitude and action will determine the future. The beating of your heart is real. Let yourself grow. Breathe deeply and love the earth because this is your time. 

Change means everyone gets another chance. You know what you sense. Timing, doors, love, insanity. It's all happening. Notice invisible connections that sooth. Be kind. Follow what is humane. The beautiful thing about courage is that it's contagious. 

Be ambitious. 

Struggle builds energy and passion. Things that are natural are not always easy. Ambition guided with patience is self-respect. Be patient with yourself. Be that brave and life takes a nice spin. 

Sensual focus is the greatest partner. Whether you are male, female or trans, courage is the irrevocable spurt of Life's elixir. Everything happens as it should. Patience requires a sense of humor and it makes space for focus. Sometimes the man behind the curtain is a fraud. 

We live through a maze of irony at the whim of time, space and luck. The important thing we have in common is our ability to use connections for the common good. Choice determines destiny. Inner courage is insight that carries the advantage.

Choose love.

Love fans twin flames of connection and compassion. Dignity is power. Along the path of transformation, the road is lit. Sensing turns apathy to empathy. Keep your eyes, ears, mind and spirit tuned to courage. Thriving is the skill of navigation. You can move with time. The light you seek is always present. Kiss it on the lips.


Sunday, September 30, 2018


Life keeps movingFeel the bounce. You are born to make history. It's lucky to be alive

Sense options that are uplifting - like beauty and love. Courage appears unexpectedly when you need it. You don't have to think about it.

Each bounce is fresh, another chance, another option, a different affirmation, a new taste of love, a new taste of reality. The delight of laughter or an unexpected touch of insight makes you feel more alive. Trust intuition to honor your spirit

Don't forget who you are. Notice where you're going. Stay in touch with body, heart and soul. Be brave. The bounce is not predictable. Courage is not always rational, but neither is life. What is exciting is your potential. Be passionate. The future is yours to create.

Self-esteem is power.

Intuition is the bounce of self-esteem. It filters emotions to find music and power of common sense. There is no agenda. Passion is bounce –  a spark, gut feeling, nudge, instinct, heat. Intuition is dignity and curiosity that reformats emotions of desireYou bounce with clear energy – like  a kiss or good news – and then surprise yourself by doing more than ever imagined. There is a certain private boldness, a passionate courage inside you.

Passions open the stream of change so that you see yourself. Intuitive energy breaks down outdated mind patterns. It’s the tick, the pang, the rush that inspires and lifts. In a high cycle of bounce what you see is in rhythm with what you sense. There’s good timing, direction and purpose. Suddenly everything makes a difference. 

Things come together.

Intuitive energy is an open portal, a free zone where time, desire and reality collide. The gut feeling is a cellular union of mouth, nose, ears, eyes, heart, mind and soul that builds buzzBouncing between the past and present peals away resistance to change. Love enters the picture and is so natural you don’t always recognize it. but, nothing gets inside your soul that you do not invite with love.  

Thinking with six senses coordinates what you see with what you know and what you feel to spontaneously celebrate, inform and calculate the moment. Excitement, enthusiasm and smart choices happen. The steady bounce of active compassion is a pleasing unspoken sense of partnership. It can be with your heart or with a total stranger.   


The great thing about love is that we have an endless supply of it inside us. Even if it's not returned, by loving freely the bounce opens all kinds of magic and miracles. When we bounce blindly between understanding and confusion, between now and later, between soul and temptation the bounce forces us to peak and focus. Again, the answer is love. With eyes, ears and mind suddenly open we find direction, purpose and passion. It's the point of 'common sense'. 

We call it passion. Gentle passion in the moment is instinctive awareness. It is rhythms of potential that you may not see in yourself. A high bounce is how you sense it’s there. As long as you live, you are bouncing. Dance to the beat of your heart.

Photo by Mikes Photos from Pexels

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Time 4 Change?

Are you getting a nudge that you need change? Stealth pressure for change – like boredom or stress – is intuition driving you to break out of a rut. They call it "woman's intuition" but everybody has it.

The feminine inside us is peaceful, persuasive sensuality. It's the source of self-control and confidence. Our feminine mind stays tuned to transitions that bring ecstasy. 

Everyone has private passions. 

Intuitive radar is sensual focus – spontaneously seeing and feeling.

Sensuality is effortless energy that is the magic bullet of soul. It's passion that focuses the need for change. Even when we ignore it, passion drives us. 

Women and men equally radiate an earthy blend of sex and sensuality. The feminine inside us uses that energy to sense power choices to make life smoother. Intuition is a consistent problem solver. 

Emotional energy fires our thinking demanding attention. Everyone uses the gentle power of sensual thinking to focus passions and sense potential. Intuition drives smart choices..

In the past people said, "It's a man's world." In that world a traditionally aggressive male style was admired. That has changed. Since the 60's we've been talking about the power of love. Loving uses both sides of your brain to stay synced with emotion, mind, body and spirt. Love changes everything. 

The intuitive drive to reach for dreams, find love and know happiness is tuned to change. It's whole mind thinking. Sensual thinking focuses what you know from experience with what you feel in your heart and what you sense in the present. Sensuality is male and female.   

Everyone is intuitive.

Intuitive thinking is cellular multi-tasking. Women generally exceed men doing this. The male mind is known for its laser focus. The female mind is known for its stealth sensory insights. Put them together and that's you. The masculine and the feminine are inside all of us.

Self-control leads to healthy change. 

I heard Tony Robbin's talk about training the mind for confidence. He talked about shouting and using abrupt physical movements associated with the words to program the brain. The fact is whispering is as effective as shouting and it takes the same amount of self-control

Abrupt movements are rough, like a bull in a china shop. They are also rigid. Gentle movements, like tapping your forehead, or taking several long deep in and out breaths speak clearly to the reasoning side of your brain. You don’t need to be rough to be smart. Often success means being flexible in how you think. 

Train your mind to be a stronger wiser more heroic version of yourself both physically and spiritually through sensuality. Be unrecognizable. Sensual thinking is tuning into the feminine mind you are born with. Just like woman often use their male mind, men can access intuition to use stealthy ways to create change.

Change is how we learn who we are. 

The human skill of reinvention is the art of survival. You are magic. Follow change that makes your spirit strong. Be free. When you sense a 'drain', it's smart to go the opposite way. Go with laughter, kindness, justice and love. Merge with companions and be a guardian of truth.   #janebernard

beach by Tobias

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Stay Satisfied

photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Intuition is wonderful inborn vitality driving us to sync with change. Changing with time and circumstances is our human skill of reinvention.  Use it to overcome apathy, inertia, stress and anxiety. Don't be boxed in. Intuitively you know how to get satisfaction. 

Personal satisfaction requires personal determinationTo stay satisfied we boldly see things from another perspective, hear ideas through a different mind-set or take a calculated chance. Balance this boldness with heart.

Tune to heart to sense purpose and drive. Satisfaction is a soul connection. Your heart is a magnificent place of passion and a powerhouse of dignity

Satisfaction is important for peace of mind. Tuning into your senses boosts energy that drives determination. Life is saturated with the unexpected and the impossible. Intuitive satisfaction brings good timing and smart choice. Your intuition is the comfort of inner power. Trust your gut.

Dissatisfaction opens your eyes and tugs at your heart to bring you to your senses. 
There is a reason for everything. Sensing builds decisive energy– like passion and determinationYour mind searches for meaning. Curiosity and dignity intuitively cue it to be decisiveYou adapt to stay satisfied.  It's beautiful.

Intuitive insights redefine experiences. Filters like dignity, foresight and curiosity are tools to access mental clarity and bring a comforting sigh of satisfaction. You will discover that whatever is wrong today is the result of old patterns created by old choices. 

 Our lives are the total sum of choices we have made. ~Wayne Dyer  

Sensual thinking reveals opportunities. Courage, foresight and dignity are intuitive energy you channel to sense direction, safety and purpose With these tools,  your mind naturally relaxes and satisfaction happens. Sensing reveals vital connections like good timing, good health and love. 

Responding intuitively to personalities, responsibilities and priorities is enormously satisfying. Time expands and opportunities appear because satisfaction opens doors to what's coming. Sensual thinking is satisfying because you recognize cause and effect and understand connections. Life is smoother.

Change rooms in your mind for a day. Imagine using energy like forgiveness, dignity, courage and curiosity as practical forms of communication.  Anxiety would fly out the window. 
Anxiety is usually the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools –
and yesterday's thinking.- McLuhan. 

Self-respect and compassion will intuitively power focus mental energy to fight inertia. You can use these to overcome stress or boredom. Focus on being grateful. Gratitude is the amazing intuitive instinct that boosts reasoning skills so it's easy to do what's right. Aren't you ready for long-term satisfaction

To stay satisfied, be curious. Test to see if a choice feels dignified. Your mind is the key and guardian of heart. Be decisive and take action. Satisfaction tunes to soul. Don't settle for less.