Saturday, March 19, 2022

really happy

Give yourself a chance to be really happy.

Be thankful for sunlight & daydreams.

Let your mind wander and stretch out over the horizon. Open up to sky. You are potential. 

A whole beautiful universe full of the unexpected and unimaginable is inside you. 

Courage is your inner spiritual warriorHold tight to your soul to access answers & potentialYou've got this.  

Talk less, sense more. You are amazing. Open up to your creative and productive power.

Life keeps moving. Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes.

Courage keeps happiness in focus. 

Your generous heart never stops sending love racing thorough your body. Inhale deeply and feel it. 

Breathe deeply. You are a vital force of energy and values. Your inner spark of integrity, fresh insights, enthusiasm, unspoken passions and courage is alive. Sense your inner music.

Everyone strugglesBe kind to yourself and others. Everyone yearns for connection, love, security and peace. Instead of pushing your head to accept what feels wrong, open your eyes and heart to sense gifts in your life. Give yourself a chance to be really happy.

Intuition automatically by-passes stress and negativity so that insights and dreams become attainable. Trust it and brand-new fields of possibility appear. 

Your values are important. There are many ways to find what you need. Align  with courage to keep happiness in focus. Self-respect and compassion are cosmic love. 

Align with the voice of your heart. 


Intuition is your private exulted trove of truth, dignity and soul. It's the voice of your heart. 

Love. Dance more. Eat when you're hungry and let your tongue savor every bite. Take a shower and get lost in the way water feels. Smile and let your eyes relax. 

Be grateful for little things. Gratitude is our intuitive path to satisfaction. It is yours to choose. 

In the rhythms of life, the stealth courageous melody is dignity and curiosity that brings opportunity and healing.

Intuition is a soul caress.

Intuition is the soul caress that opens your eyes, heart and mind. It’s a nudge to boost, fix, change, have, allow, recognize and do. Ignoring intuition is like walking around with eyes closed. We keep bumping into walls or falling off edges. 


When self-respect & soul lift and lead our precious journey it's easier to rise above fear and anger. Love. Pursue what is personally interesting and socially meaningful. There are so many reasons to be happy. 

Courage keeps love alive.  

Courage and Love are intuitive  portals to inner power and peaceThese intuitive gifts protect our quality of life. 

Courage is soul energy keeping values and dreams alive. When we trust our gut, courage is swift and spontaneous. Without it we betray ourselves, which feels awful. Without courage, happiness vanishes.  

Powerful beauty.

Life is powerful beauty. You are Life. Tune to the unique courage and beauty in your spirit.  You don’t need permission to honor your heart. 

Sense your boundaries and purpose. There is no time better than now to be productive and creative. That's happiness. You’ve got this.


Monday, December 6, 2021

Sometimes we fly.

Breathe deeply into your heart

The spark of soul entered your beautiful body coded with purpose and destiny.  

Life is the adventure. Respecting Life and soul is the price for peace of mind Responsibilities, pressures and needs happen.  Payment isn't optional.

Being alive is a gift so huge, our minds can't imagine it.  

Take Life for granted, and it dies, like our planet, like our bodies.  Tune-in to the vast world that surrounds you.  Everything and everyone is connected.

Reach into your now.  

Every day comes with endless potential and no guarantees.  Think about the impact of your choices before you make them.  Every choice we make, makes us.  What will you create? 

Challenges and change are opportunities to evolve.  Solutions are ours to findTravel deeper than your dreams.  Navigate for freedom and joy. Planetary justice and social justice are interdependent. All life is connected.  Collaborate and celebrate to help others.  You are part of the answer. Today is a good day to choose courage and follow your heart.  

Don't take our world for granted.  Don't wait for wind's of time to unclutter your path because it may not happen. Take action to reclaim your own and our earth's balance. Life isn't passive.  

A light around your shoulders shines protection and peace.  Sense it.  Trust your sacred safe heart and it will lift you to ecstasy. 

Beautiful sweet freedom is joy. 

Courage that makes us lick our lips is a spontaneous physical conviction from the heart.  The present is all that's real. It's what matters now. Your brave heart is free of cultural traps. Use courage to forgive, to be brave and curious.  Use courage to find patience and pleasure. You are born to feel joy.
Feel the harmony and flow of  your body.  Sense the harmony and flow of Nature.  This moment has never happened before.  To stay happy answer the call of soul and turn toward love.  Like magic the beat of our hearts keeps us balanced through storms and sunshine.  Moments lived with dignity, foresight and heart are the wind beneath our wings. Sometimes we fly.  

Life is an uncharted journey to an unknown place and  death waits. Be fully aware, awake and alive. Focus with courage on the world you create. Love. We are supposed to  choose majesty.  Intuition deep inside nudges with regal integrity and soul.  It's your super power.  Keep your eyes, mind and heart open.  Instinct and passion will find you. 

Smile more.  

There is room for so much love. Explore your world with passion.  Search for hope, dreams and love and you will discover healing.  Navigate with peace because this day is yours. Choose to be your highest potential and use your time wisely. Keep faith in kindness and courage. It may not be easy, but it's freedom –Beautiful Sweet Freedom.  Never underestimate The Power of Love.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Not Crazy

In a world gone crazy, only the crazy are sane.  #AkiraKurosawa  

We're not crazy.

It's a wild ride. 

We're adapting, looking for comfort zones and solutions.  It's a wild ride to a new place of connection and compassion. It's clear what we see and feel.  Not pretty, but there are signs we recognise.

There is a certain private boldness inside, our inner power to sense answers. We're pioneers for peace, dignity and purpose. Questions and curiosity are good. Change is a process. Solutions will bring new options. 


The spark of Life is magic we share. We collaborate, make love and work to find emotional, social and physical balance. We're all connected. Our greatest power is the power to love. The drive to have social and environmental justice in the world today is brilliant sanity. 

Trees, insects, animals, plants and creatures of the seas and skies help and heal each other.  For every form of life, intuition is the multi-dimensional spark inside that affirms power and purpose. Feel your power to  connect. The universe is inside you.

Life is always adventure. 

Like birds, fish, flowers and trees, we are part of Nature Intuitive drive is our nudge toward purpose and each other. When a flower faces a storm and is bent and battered, it next reaches towards the sun, towards light. Until we die, we are flowers who experience seasons, storms, atrocities and soft warm breezes. There is always the option to sense light.

Connection, rejection, curiosity, enthusiasm, opportunity and reality are different for everyone. We are multidimensional and wear different hats for all kinds of reasons. Respecting multiple realities unlocks the power of perspective to have mind and heart open. We need that.

Intuitive smarts.  

Intuition syncs with open-ended ways of dealing with responsibilities, pressures and needs. People are beautiful. We are lovers, friends, creators, workers, children, parents, humans who wear many hats. Boundaries like personal dignity, courage and love, protect, unite and free us from dogma. In crazy times it makes sense to break away from shackles clearly hostile to our planet and ourselves. 

Switching how we dress or talk to adapt to different social environments is intuitive smarts. It's how we survive. The expression is, code-switching.  which originates with POC.  We all do it – sometimes to fit in, sometimes to stand out.  We're free-falling with style. 

Intuitive passion's our free zone.

Intuition is an open portal. It's the free zone where time, desire and reality merge. Our responsibility is to work together, adapt and be flexible. Feel your magic. Sense the Sovereignty of Life.  Trust your gut.

A gut feeling is power. We can sense more and deeper. Syncing with soul signals our cultural shift to respecting the value of different realities. It's an awakening, a great time to be alive. Power to protect  life is a mantle of responsibility we are born with. It starts with protecting our values. There's nothing crazy about it. 

#CRAZY -  Gnarls Barkley

Together, the future is ours to create.  

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Live Boldly

Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. Take a deep breath in, and a long, slow breath out and keep going. You are changing the world because you are here. Live boldly.

Flexibility, accountability and integrity point to what matters as we travel the portal of time. Sense your options and boundaries. Every choice is an opportunity to trust your heart.

Boldness is activated by a sacred blend of bravery & wisdom that drives us to exceed expectations, to love and to dream. It's the engine behind every breath. 

Sense what's here for you. Cultivate self-respect and courage by listening and speaking from the heart. Notice the importance of giving and receiving. Kindness, even when not appreciated, hits the mark. 

The universe has bigger plans for us than we imagine.


Traveling through time, life is a work in progress. Trust your gut. Change is notoriously hard and equally inevitable. Basic assumptions fade because change is our birthright. Activate intuitive powers to heal and grow.  Reject life patterns that don't serve you. 

Instability driven change is the global unifying energy of our era. The energy keeps us alert. We're all in the same boat - might as well talk about how to keep it from sinking. Together we are unstoppable.  

We learn about ourselves from others. Talk to strangersEveryone is different, yet we need each other to survive. Use courage, be cautious and reflect.  Courage keeps us present. Being cautious prevents bad choices. Reflection renews passions. It's powerful to recognize the biggest picture.   

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. #MargaretMead


Answers come with practice and desire. Automatic physical awareness through our senses boosts awareness and compassionYou have desire. Trust it. Be sensual. Notice what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Practice tuning-inLink your mind with your beautiful heart

We protect ourselves, each other and our planet with courage, caution and reflection. Change drives us spiritually to make new connections and form closer relationships. Boundaries that keep us safe are intuitive. Breathe deeply. The inner voice of dignity, self-respect and kindness never deserts you.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you. #RalphWaldoEmerson


Express your ideas. We only get to where we want to be when we are bold enough to trust what feels deeply right. Honor your heart and something beautiful will happen. 

Awareness is strength that leads to healthy change. Change brings a new perspectives. Growing removes blinders.  Let go of the familiar. Let your mind and senses stretch out to share happiness. Be grateful. Look for what you want to create. It will lead to something wonderful

Boldness is the beat of your heart. Find the rhythm and feel the music of spirit. Listen to it with your mind. Life is delicious.  Live boldly.      

Rapsody in Blue #GeorgeGershwin


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Mask Thoughts


Justice, truth and love are resilient and so are we. Pre-covid I bopped in and out of the city wearing dark red lipstick. Now I wear a red mask. I love NYC and the spontaneous 24/7 creative energy. 

I look forward to grabbing a slice at 2AM, eating it with strangers. The bakeries, the bars. People on subways and street corners, lovers standing close, musicians sharing inspiration, people with plans – and the excitement that will return.

Transcend the mask. 

A mask doesn’t cover a voice. Speak plainly about justice, stand-up for truth, express love. Look for balance and connections. Even with the mask, intuitive choices unlock potential to over-ride limits. The future is ours to create.

Sensing inner connections is the language of possibilitySensing with heart highlights focus and clarity.  Bonds we need are screened in the head and highlighted at the heart. You are brighter than you know.  The flame burns inside. 

Behind masks, we are hard and soft, old, young, coping, curious, dreaming and hungry for happiness. It all matters. The inner light is on. Don’t ignore it. Freedom is precious. Hearts trapped by masks of time or loneliness or denial need to come out.  

Faces tell stories – the moist joy of smiles, a dry line of sarcasm, open grins with gaping teeth. Exhaustion, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, elation and peace are written on a face. I never thought about lips so much. Emotions, seeded with lips, root in the heart and can grow unspeakable desires and dreams. Every smile is cellular, unique and magnetic


Indulge in sensual thinkingLet the gentle kiss of curiosity open your mind. There is magic. If eyes are the window to the heart, is the mouth a sign-post of soul?  The way a mouth curves with words. The way lips part with surprise. Lips are exciting. Faces are maps.  

Don’t let the mask throw you off-balance. 

Masks are an absurd inconvenience in an absurd time, making a profound statement. Behind the mask is self-respect. We are brave. There is a lot of work to do.

Bravery keeps us steady. For balance and bravery our thoughts bounce with values like justice, truth and love. Intuition nudges us with courage, patience, dignity and curiosity that are indisputable. This is the beginning of glorious transformation

Never let a day pass without learning something. Create new rituals that are meaningful and uplifting. The path is open to build a more humane world where dignity and courage are valued.


Dignity and heart bring renewal and forgiveness. Dignity, self-respect, and faith in tomorrow are intuitive tools that transcend separation, isolation and loneliness. Sensuality is presence that fortifies dreams. 

When heat of a moment is balanced with  perspective of the heart, tangible harmonies form. Sense access to your heart. Start by going easy on yourself. We are all naked behind the mask.


Our insanity.

Even if this is insanity - it’s our insanity. We can handle it. That birds of sorrow and despair fly around your head, you cannot prevent. But that they build a nest in your hair, this you can prevent. Chinese proverb

When the sun shines, bathe in it. The future offers itself to our imaginations. Be curious. Trust values like justice, truth and love that thread through time. Hold them with your heart. 


Every part of our being is moving towards balance. Love holds us tight even when Life tilts. When we recognize love and forget all the answers, the mask fades away.

The present is all consuming. Smile behind the mask. Humor refreshes the soul, and as distractions slip away, our choices are reset with values and purpose. Perspective returns. Be grateful.  #janebernard

 Enjoy The Galaxy Song by Monty Python                    &        Let Aretha make you feel: 

                                      Aretha Franklin  

Friday, November 6, 2020



Millions wonder if they are going to eat. 

Hunger hurts. 

It’s hard to think with an empty belly. Missing a meal disrupts rational thinking and impacts health. Around the world millions are starving. And starving people do what they need to do to survive.  

Extreme hunger has spiraled out of control. Children, the elderly, college students, families, the sick and the brave go to sleep hungry.

Food Insecurity is our undiscussed pandemic. The crisis is terrifying. Many are forced to choose between having food or paying rent; many go without food to feed children. Globally, no age or culture is untouched. The stress is felt around the world.

The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of Liberation.#JFK  

Food = Life

Food is our fuel. This, like the clean air and water is not negotiable. We can see what's going down. Our eyes are open. We're awake. Logic, experience and heart are intuitive tools for survival. Hunger is ugly and cruel. Justice is beautiful and humane. We know what we have to do.  We can be creative and unselfish. 

It takes courage to face the day with an empty stomach. Support courage.  – Click to support medical personnel and struggling families for FREE.

In the past authorities released food from storage in times of famine. In the circle of humanity we can feed each other. There is enough food in the world. Common sense is bedrock for healthy evolution.  

Everybody's got a hungry heart. Be generous. Reach across the world.  Everyone needs food for energy to be productive and care for ourselves and those we loveWorking from the seat of our soul we can overcome the "impossible". 

We are hungry for survival. 

Hunger when there is food abundance is a hideous corruption of human decency. Today, extreme hunger is an epidemic. Did you know a leading cause of blindness and death for children is malnutrition. 
Food banks around the world work to gift life and dignity.  Many restaurants and bakery's give food away.  But still families search dumpsters for a meal.

Eat less, share more. You know how it feels to be hungry, and you know the peace you feel inside – after you eat

Helping others is why we're here. Helping others have food is giving the gift of life. Dignity, courage and humility are your inner-connection with destiny. Be kind. Act with heart. 

Personal satisfaction is the spark of appreciation that happens when we’re tuned to what matters. The future is ours to create.  As long as there is hunger there cannot be peace.#MotherTeresa   

Everybody knows food is love and food heals. Be thankful for food you eat. Kiss the wind and pledge your heart to kindness, a humane world and food for all. Every choice impacts the circle of life. is a global movement of over 6 million young people using innovation and heart to make change on and off-line. When we collaborate, communicate and celebrate life, we share meals. Intuitively we construct redemption, love, hard-work and self-discipline in our minds. Our thoughts are in constant motion because survival is our global challenge.

Food is energy.

It takes energy to think and sense what's right.  Everyone is struggling to adjust to the present.  It takes energy to create change. Everybody needs food for energy.  Choose courage, dignity and humility to lead change.  Self-respect matters for everyone

Participate to Fight Hunger. Click and follow your heart.
The Hunger Site - costs nothing to feed a hungry person

Heal the planet

The day hunger disappears, the world will see the greatest spiritual explosion humanity has ever seen. #FredericoGarciaLorca

The earth carries and nourishes all things that live and move upon it without exception. We are children of the earth. That is our Legacy

We are surrounded by a heap of broken images. 

With new technology and options that will stand the test of time for the benefit of all we have the (hu)man power to embrace a new age.  From systemic racism, to poison water, to a broken electoral system to famine, we're ready for new direction, responsibilities and answers. 

Foresight is the intuitive trouble-shooter. Let's reconsider choices and decisions and focus on what really matters. While we're at it, let's overhaul the antiquated education and penal systems. It's all broken. We can do this as long as we have open minds, open hearts and of course, full stomachs. We need to be able think straight.  

Thank you.


Hungry Heart*, Bruce Springsteen

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Strong, demanding love.

 The future is no more uncertain than the present. – Walt Whitman, 1856


No matter what I start to write about, my words turn to love. Love heals, forces change, confirms faith and gives us the power to be great. 

Great love, like great justice, is insistent harmony that won't be denied.  Harmony in the home,  in the heart and in our world depends on it. 

Love and freedom are 2 sides of the cosmic orgasm of light that brings joy to Life. Everybody knows love is the ultimate solution to human problems but when subject comes up, we forget the all the answers

Trust the voice of your heart to taste the strength and feel the power of love. Challenges of global upheaval and daily uncertainty unsettle until we remember that the answer is love – the strong demanding kind that heals. 

I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems. And I’m going to talk about it everywhere I go. I know it isn’t popular to talk about it in some circles today. And I’m not talking about emotional bosh when I talk about love; I’m talking about a strong, demanding love. MLKjr. #courage

The spark of soul.  

Approach challenges and the unknown from the place of love and things work out. Intuition is the spark of soul.  The gut feeling is crystal-clear insight where understanding problems and sensing answers happens in a breath. When we choose love, persistence marries patience and becomes passion. Our hearts open a new dimension. Follow the spark of soul

In every Lifetime, Love is the greatest high.

Sense the love inside. It chimes with every beat of your heart. Don’t take love for granted because the foundation will crumble. Strong love is the great enabler. It is the key.

Fine-tune your senses. 

Protect your heart. Use your intuitive radar to sense the demands of courage, freedom, kindness and justice –  and love will hold you. Through upheaval and pain, love and kindness unites us

Trust intuition and you will find love roaring through your veins. Love Freedom. Love Life. Love Dignity. Love Courage. Love Humility. It is always the right time to tune to love.


The lens of Love is angel wings of self-respect. 

Loving is gentle enough to tickle and wise enough to ride the wind. It is stronger than a promise and takes things as they come. The textures and edges of love are demanding voices of justice and truth. Dignity with love is the key to satisfaction. Ask questions. Self-respect is the strategy for healthy decisions.


The Grace of Love

Love highlights possibilities and brings dreams into focus. You can notice it everywhere.  Love is the elixir of Life. We are made by loveWhen trees worship the sun and wolves howl at the moon, it's love.  Open your heart to the magic.

Even talking of love flames instant needs and desires. Love and Life are unpredictable. We are part of something much bigger. Everybody knows the feeling. No matter what's going on, the answer is to love.  #janebernard    

"Bigger", Beyonce

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photo credit: Ralph Cohen