Tuesday, September 3, 2019


The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. #AlbertCamus

Today corruption, destruction, suffering and appalling ignorance forces us to be rebels. Don't fall into the trap of old ways of change that are short-sighted, rude and crude.  Rebel with dignity, compassion and integrity. This is your time.  Make a plan to make life better long-term. You can change the world.  

The future is knocking at our door. 

The age of change rubs against our legs like hunger or something sexy and we adapt. Change drives us to act. Responding with integrity is smart. Personal integrity is personal freedom. If stress pushes you to act, talk to your heart first to find courage and kindness. Ask for help from yourself. 

Being honest is power.

Life is not fair. The pressure can make us a lose part of ourselves and then search for it. Stay free. Remember who you are. Personal honesty is the beat of your heart. It is the skyhook of freedom and anchor, peace of mind.

Be honest with yourself. Dignity shines on what matters. Courage is the force-field of integrity, a shield above the stress. Responding to changes with integrity intuitively links us with love, justice, kindness, courage and each other. 

Who thinks with your mind?

Only you. Search for answers that respect your life and our world. What's deeply important resonates with self-respect. Air, water, all life and personal freedom need protection. Focus your time and energy on what is just. Intuitive values activate the natural high of living where everything flourishes. Even when we get lost, integrity always leads back to our roots.   

Stress is destructive, emotional manipulation that feels urgent. Don't respond to the shady trap of stress. Breathe deeper to be clear about what you sense. Courage, kindness and dignity are intuitive tools that break bonds of stress. Reinforce personal freedom by trusting your gut. 

Doing the right thing always turns out to feel good inside.

Intuition is pure soul focus on personal justice and character. Tenacity and forgiveness with ourselves and each other keeps our words and choices in tune with change and good timesIt is only by seeing the results of what we do that we know who we are. Integrity makes sure we like what we see.

Around us there is hunger, suffering, cruelty, corruption and ignorance.  Reach out to give others dignity. While one person suffers no person is free. Integrity is energy that respects and enhances the freedom of everyone. There is a lot of love. Speak up. Even little sounds have big echoes in times of change. 

We need each other.

Intuitive insights and shared values bring happiness and connections with good people. Friends with shared values and goals are true riches. Satisfaction comes from accomplishing things in cooperation with others. No one can take away. 

We have needs because we’re human.  We have responsibilities because feeling purpose and knowing satisfaction is how we fill needs that come with the freedom to dream. Dreams are incentive that drives us to hear the voice of our inner heart.  There are endless ways integrity satisfies needs. 

The future is ours to create.

Rebel your way. Count on integrity to evolve with dignity, creativity and purpose. The future starts today. The way we deal with change, changes the status quo. It’s more than satisfying, it’s exciting.  Be the change you want to see.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Portal of Change

Act, don't react.

We live in a portal of change.

Our collective energy collides around the world. It's impossible to comprehend, yet natural to feel. 

Inside the portal is the adventure. It's often challenging. Turn reactions into action for humanity.  Concentrate on being rational and ethical. Go easy on yourself. 

To navigate challenges,  think for yourself.  Personal honor matters. Share that power by being it. Moral compromise is never an option. There’s always a hidden price to pay. 

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's dream. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. #stevejobs

Survival is a decision.

Inner power to thrive with change is updated and balanced by what we sense is happening. How you think controls whether you succeed. Think outside the box. Frustration is a call to take decisive action. Every action makes a difference.

Life isn't always the way it's 'supposed to be.'  Stress creates blind alleys. Navigating the economy, politics and our own happiness means removing blinders of dogma and fear. Curiosity and patience are strategies for survival.

A gut feeling doesn't come from your head. It comes from your soul to clear thoughts and refresh connections with purpose. Use common sense. Keep the big picture in focus, and change gets smoother.

Escape the system.

Intuitive strategies like courage and dignity  enforce our power to break down mindsets from the past.  Our inner light is always looking for light. We all have dreams.

In the portal of change working together to bring an ethical transition is how we will experience the end of an amazing era and usher in a healthier new beginning. The past is history. 

Don't be manipulated by politics or media. Anger, fear and resentment are traps. These make life blurry. Dignity and self-respect  are in your heart. You are in control of you. Vision comes from the light you allow inside.

Corruption is the abuse of human freedom. Inertia and indifference enable it. Satisfaction happens when we stay real, face life and work together. Creating the future is a group effort to move forward with a plan, an open perspective and a single goal. We all need security.

Empathy makes life beautiful.

Survivors always turn a bad situation into a tool for change. Make a personal commitment to empathy. Sense the mutual raw humanity that connects us. Courage and dignity are contagious.  

Uncover your intuitive strategies. Use empathy to sense openings and connections. Control is noticing everything changes. Be aware of traps and corruption so we don’t relapse and let history repeat.  Work with possibilities you sense to move forward safely. 

Balance, values and personal priorities connect with lucid living and transcendence. Even simple choices have a ripple effect. Respecting life brings a sense of well-being to the present. It's  human to thrive through inevitable contradictions of social evolution. 

Personal honor.

Personal honor and dignity empower us to care. Lean into the light and be strong. Believe in the always present voice of your soul. Love.

The nudge of intuition is your survival strategy. There’s always a reason. It’s always about some kind of balance. Empathy overcomes inertia and indifference. Stay connected.

Life is a wild dance. Balance is the metronome of living that fans the flame of courage inside your heart. You can take care of yourself. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. #MLKjr

The future is ours to create. Feel truth you see, hear and sense with your heart. Stand your ground. Energy radiates through you with electric precision. Intuition is the current you feel. Think about what matters with your heart and mind before you speak. Then, take action. Your words matter. Speak openly and fearlessly. 

Emotionally, physically, electronically, socially and spiritually we connect with each other. Words are how we share ideas, collaborate and communicate. Future survival depends on new ideas, passionate words and your actions.

Sound travels through our throats like light through a crystal. When your heart beats harder, your voice changes and words are charged. When the beat of your soul becomes the vibration of your voice, everyone can sense it. That’s the time to speak-up. 

Timeless words.

Love, dignity, self-respect, curiosity, tenacity, justice and courage are intuitive strategies. These are the power to sense truth and need beyond dimensions of the immediate. These timeless words are rich with new ideas, easy insights and natural focus. Their impact imprints long-term in ways that uplift and intoxicate our thinking. Intuitive values are a safe-zone clarifying what's real. 

Life holds together or falls apart like a puzzle.
Understanding how to communicate what matters is intuitive skill we are born with. Words like dignity, determination and respect power our heart. Dreams bring answers and hope. Intuition is always present opening worlds of possibility. Be kind. Speak with authenticity and conviction.  

Energy of words you speak, hear and think, blends into soul with stealth quiet force. Pieces of understanding come together one at a time. The force is with you. 

Access natural sensitivity, grace and softness by using words that heal and forgive. These feel honorable and comforting. Take actions that respect all forms of life in our world. We are interdependent with each other and everything that is natural. Rise with new energy of purpose and power to make your life and our world better.

Values become destiny.
Values we use become destiny. Speaking the words: courage, dignity, justice and love drives energy of personal freedom radiating through us with electric precision. Say the words.

As words inspire passion and focus you are hearing them from the heart. Their power brings comfort that goes beyond the drama of the moment freeing you to move ahead with clarity. Learn the words that are your values and use them.  

Start fresh.
Speak three powerful words: compromise, tolerance and happiness. Blend them with soul. Feel the electric buzz of potential and purpose inside. Speak-up with honor, integrity and gratitude.

Don't be swept into the tides of opinion if you don't actually agree. You are unique and so is your power. Life finds purpose with compromise and tolerance, then happiness happens. Compromise is sensing more than one point of view. Tolerance is respect. Happiness is a blend of focus and perspective that makes things easy. 

No free rides. 
Be excellent or be derailed. You are energy. Your words are energy. Energy is impact. Speak with care and conviction. 

Negative thinking and negative speak is a waste. Don’t waste who you are. Everything you say and do creates action and reaction. The time is always right to do what is right. #MLKjr  

The force is with you. Speak-up.
  • Use your words to be fearless and love justice. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. #MLKjr 
  • Be your values. Be the change you want to see in the world. #Gandhi 
  • Be trustworthy. #Lincoln #Mandela #Malala.

In the beginning, there was the Word. #John 1:1

Thursday, May 2, 2019

the private taste

Wake up with the private taste of love. 

Let it linger while time dances on. Rhythm and presence glisten smooth and light like a smile. Life is fantastic and mysterious. 

Notice the big picture unfolding, confirming what you want. Don't go back to sleep. Your heart is always awake. See and consider consequences of what you say and do. You are part of the biggest picture. Unexpected and impossible things happen. Feel the majesty. 


Sensuality is heart-mind presence that breathes. The burning bush of soul is awareness of heart. To know the taste of love, you must ask for what you really want. 

The taste can come from anywhere. You have inner talents as simple as tasting and as delightful as dancing that uncover potential and rhythm. Natural passion to bounce with love and understand purpose is deeply alive.

Passion can be cold as ice or hotter than desire. Discovering ways it morphs is exciting. Discovering why is the private taste.

Open your ears, eyes and arms. Embrace possibility with your mind and heart. Turn ideas into action and reality. Love waits for you.

Drink in the color green until you are drunk. Let favors of love roll around on your tongue until you must have more. Natures is the consistent muse for determination. Her seasons are private tastes of dignity and joy. 

Sensing what matters gets us to the heart of it. What is easy to sense with a look, a whiff or in a blink unlocks secrets. You feel what you need to do. Don’t forget to dance with little things that make a difference. 


Wake up with the ache of discovery and savor the drive of passion. There is rhythm. Let it enter you. Time is passing. There is a reason for everything. Nothing can prevent you from making a positive impact on lives of others. That's the taste of satisfaction.

Practice Dignity.

Be lifted. Love is cosmic. Dignity and grace are the cosmic touch of intuitive self-disciplineCourage, curiosity and tenacity are your tools. These sweet soul values clear the way for love's song. Wake up and plant seeds for future success and prosperity. Choices you make are the treasure. 


Stay awakeProtect what matters. Justice is a private taste of nobility, where courage and dignity are valued. To know happinessstay tuned to justice and truth you sense

No matter what's happening, depend on timeless values that embrace love. Don't pass judgement on others or yourself. Everybody's dealing with something. Your intuitive radar focuses on the taste of purpose. Don't take your eyes off the prize. Never give up believing in justice or love.

Appetites change. 

Spontaneous melodies are appetites highlighted by the heart. These bypass the mind and Life changes. Wake up with a new private taste. Things come together unzipping stress like a strip tease. Everything has rhythm. Quicker than a breath, it's a dance. Don’t sit out the dance. When hot and cold join at the hip, a gem forms. Wake up with the private taste of Love. Let it linger.

Bruno Mars

Saturday, March 30, 2019

hang suspended

Spring is an infusion of love. 

Are you ready for Spring and the passions it brings? I am.

Today's energy has taken my heart and my skin  is vibrating. I hang suspended, reminded to kiss with passion and dance with purpose.

Dancing is not just getting up painlessly like a leaf blown on the wind. 
Dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds. #Rumi

Passion's rise.

Spring holds us tight, reawakening our senses with new light, new colors, new life.

Love comes out of the ground and is in the air. Passion exhilarating and surprising is deep and purposeful. There is a reason for everything.

The energy is warm, new beginnings. Like birth, it is raw, unfinished, full of potential. It is yours. Every morning natural reality unfolds with purpose. Sense what matters.


Don’t be manipulated by what feels easy. Sense attitude, awareness and authenticity. Depend on courage, common sense and inner purpose to take things one step farther. This is the adventure.


Transcend negative energy with your twin powers of confidence and love. Energies of confidence and love are ageless and everywhere. Feel them enter with your breath and grow inside. 

Stay tuned to passions that feed your soul. You are hungry. Open your mouth, heart and mind to taste life happening. Wake-up. Dance with your naked heart. 


Spring lifts us to ‘hang suspended between the worlds’ where we naturally find wonder. See beauty. Hear the sacred music of the birds return. Everything is beginning. Lift your beautiful head. Be bathed by love.  #janebernard

Saturday, March 2, 2019



Perhaps light is a love-letter from the universe. How incredible!  The orgasm of light is an extreme flash of focus, that like love, wakes us with its own language. Shadows and rainbows up the ante.

When the light changes, which it always does – boundaries shift, surprising everyone who takes the light for granted. Don't be that person. 

No one is alone in the light. 


Imagine you are a crystal, but not perfect. You are beautiful, complex, raw and smooth as silk. Light shines through your crystal eyes, mouth, heart and soul. The lights inside us merge to be a point in time. Intuition is that point. It is the shine of passion and self-respect.

Intuition is a joyous soul-infusion that awakens and embraces you with rhythm and purpose. The focus can feel restless if you ignore it. Don’t waste your lightToday will never come again. Your crystal self is a collaboration  of heart, mind and soul tuned to love and justice.


Your heart hears through your mind and sees with your eyes.  Trust answers you feel with your body and sense with your mind. Go for quality. Set yourself free. Sense passion, honor your spirit and love life. Spread your wings.

Integrity, diversity, self-respect, and accountability are lights. They are the gut feeling, signaling that the coast is clear.  


Life is a dance of change. Light offers itself like a naked glance or starlight in the afternoon.  It uncovers courage or desire that is ecstasy or honor.  Light can take you anywhere you need to go.

Light is intimate. It is fire inside that consumes and transforms without burning. Was the ‘burning bush’ a love letter?  If we are surrounded by love like the prophets say, then we do not live without it – and it appears everywhere.

Light conducts the sacred music. We taste love before opening our lips and feel light with eyes closed. I cannot stop talking about love. Love and light are untouchable and in the air we breathe. Love-letters are everywhere.


Purpose lights our dreams and ambitions. The light is flexible and generous. Exceed expectations. Your heart wants you to be happy.
Learn how to read the love letters sent by the wind and rain, the snow and moon. 
#Ikkyu (1394-1491) 

"Put your light on." Passion is the light and rhythm of understanding and desire. That's where I like to be. #janebernard

#CarlosSantana: Put Your Light On

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Be Regal

The path is open to build a more humane world where courage and dignity are valued. 

The energy is not about chasing a moment. It's about making it a habit to rise with the moment. Answers you need are in front of you. 

Track change with dignity. Let purpose fuel your glamorous soul. Major transitions are unfolding around you. Be authentic. Fulfilling purpose is an act of will. 

Use today for a deep dip in the refreshing waters of self-respect. Human courage, honor and humility are invincible. Intuition is unfiltered inner understanding that keeps your values clear. Be responsible for who you are. Keep the window to your soul open.

by Omar Alnahi from Pexels
The drive of purpose.
In every heart, the drive of purpose vibrates with the thrill of excitement and a steady beat of clarity. Sometimes it hurts to stay clear about what’s real. Sometimes you have to keep breaking your heart until it opens#Rumi  

Protecting values guides choices that feel good. Use this amazing time to focus your unique intention to do good by honoring your sense of purpose. 

Take actions that vibrate with truth, justice, kindness, and courage. The future is yours to create.

No obligation.
Everything is changing. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago. Rise above the drama. Make decisions that change life for the better. 

This is the season of change. Good times are coming at a cosmic speed. You are part of the plan. The seed of achievement is inside you. 
Stay curious and appreciate the little things. They add up.
When you have a dream, write it down. Then look for it everywhere. 

Be regal.
Communicate carefully and dance with style and rhythm. Don’t tolerate being disrespected or manipulated. Be gracious. Override the emotional indignity of anger. Always pay attention to what you are creating. Make the world a better place.

Today is a new beginning. Purpose, love and awe bubble under your skin.  Resolve to be passionate. Create your own peace. Use courage and common sense to take things one step farther.
Don’t make promises when you’re happy.
Don’t reply when you’re angry.
Don’t decide when you’re sad. #Kushandwizdom

Notice what catches your eye and moves you forward.  While life is changing, don’t get lost in schools of thought. Thinking is over-rated. Stay tuned to your values to keep evolving. Visualize solid results of your most daring dreams.

Energy reaches inside you – like a kiss, a smile or fear. It all reaches your heart. Why else would you do a double take in a blink? or smell perfume and feel more alive? or shy from danger? The contagious thrust of living is invisible energy like faith, passion, and compassion. Use these to honor Life.

Intuition is the path of personal clarity. Intuitive strategies are authentic. Like purpose, love, wonder and soul – intuition is impossible to describe and fabulous to experience. Be fabulous. Believe in the voice of your soul. Let yourself evolve. This is your time.
At the end of the day, Do not feel lonely. The entire universe is inside you.#Rumi