Sunday, June 17, 2018

Say The Word

*The word is ‘love’. 
Love is a power word. Saying 'love' brings energy and meaning to Life. Love is the bridge over troubled waters and the light in your eyes. Turn it on. 

Whenever you feel afraid or uncertain, be loyal to yourself and say ‘the word’. You will find it surprisingly light and sweet. 

Every day you create your life. Consider and use the power of love while you're doing it. Just saying the “love” quietly awakens personal loyalty tuned to your vital heart, mind, body and soul. It feels awesome

Love has many names. Everybody wants love. Say it your way. Words carry energy. Say 'the word'. It will gently drive your mental energy impacting results you get all day long. Happiness is found in the moment. 

Loyalty like love is passionate. It's a feeling of integrity. Integrity is personal. At the center of self-respect and dignity is personal loyalty. You deserve it.  Personal passion is a mouth-watering shimmering truth. You can almost taste it. 

Passion makes everything possible. Never forfeit being loyal to yourself. Choose to honor your health and trust your heart. Say ‘the word’ to yourself before you eat. Love yourself with dignity to keep heart and mind tuned to your priorities.  

No one else is you. Personal loyalty is in a class of its own. Respect your soul. It’s the golden handrail to happiness. Time shows that everything you say and do matters. Be deeply loyal to what you believe and what you value, and you can do anything.

Loyalty to what you value is your connection with courage. Courage is intuitive energy to think differently and organize a definite plan of action. Loyalty and love lead to understanding, satisfaction and private passions.

Being loyal to what you sense is right, intensifies private passions. Loyalty and love power awareness, confidence, determination and purpose. Feel the power. The world is better when we’re loyal to ourselves. Say 'the word' before you go to sleep and you wake up stronger. Sense love. Say ‘the word’ to yourself before speaking and words that come out of your mouth will be kind. 

There are as many people with heart as there are robotic humans. People who love and feel loyalty find each other. We are drawn to love. Still, it's always a bit of a jolt to think you have a friend and discover a wall of concrete. Loyalty to your heart is the powerful shield of love. Say ‘the word’ to yourself and you can bounce back. Love heals. You will connect with peace that is suddenly vibrant. 

It's powerful loyalty and wisdom to remind yourself to say the word ‘love’This habit will serve you well. Life is brief, but love you share and love you spread, never dies.  #janebernard

*Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels


  1. What a beautiful post, Jane Bernard! Love is definitely a power word, and it just might be the answer to all questions.