Friday, October 9, 2015

Sensual Healing

Thinking sensually renews original bonds with life. 

Sensual healing is always happening. 

Because living is a process, we are always healing in some way. When you connect what you sense with what you feel and what you know, it's instinctive to tune-in to optimum health. Being healthy is more than a system of symptoms and solutions. It's a big picture perspective. Participate in your healing. All parts of you matter and you are part of all that matters. 

From birth, the first way we know life is through our senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch are organic ways we bond and heal. Sensing is how we connect with what we ache for. It's natural to be in tune with good mental and physical health by responding to what you sense. Don't think about it; just do it. Talk less and sense more.  Tune to what you see. You know more than you realize.

Simple things heal. Music removes the rust of stress. Colors and seasons unlock the grip of time. Telling the truth opens doors to peace of mind. Life is poetry. 

Sensual healing is part of the conversation of livingIgnoring what we sense leads to an unhealthy lockdown of frustration or magnifies depression; so we are off-balance. Tuning-in to what we sense boosts momentum. Sensing balance is an effortless connection with the present. It is just the moment. 

I've learned that I can talk with my eyes, listen with my skin and taste what I hear.  As my 5 senses bring me focus, my 6th sense, intuition, becomes obvious. With curiosity and courage, I experience wild abandon of the big picture and discover happiness. 

Intuitive thinking takes me right to my heart where I connect with dignity. Dignity makes us feel light. It uplifts mental healthBeing intuitive is a sensual stream of self-respect that restores momentum with balance and the big picture.

Health is personal. Organic connections are transcendent rhythms that stabilize Life. When I make sure to notice what I notice, my heart sends rhythms that brings my skin to life. Sensual connections excite and heal. 

Everything we do goes under our skin and tunes-in to our state of mind. Sensual focus organically open the bigger pictureIf you listen with only 1/2 your mind, you only get 1/2 the message. Life is easier when you think sensually. Courage and curiosity sync with change that brings a healthy fairness and balance to the moment. Be loyal to yourself.

Like day turns into night, healing is renewal. Sensual thinking renews communication, justice and freedom. Intuitive health bonds with respect and Love. 

Every kind of healing requires intuitive skills like courage, dignity and curiosity. Use your sensuality to find answers, understanding and new relationships. Ease, peace, contentment, energy and passion are vital for good health. 

Let your heart dance with your smile and drive the sharpness of your vision. The fact is: you are perfect. Perfect comes from the Latin root 'perfectio', meaning complete. Right now - no matter where you are or what you're doing - you are complete. Pay attention. :)

Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing

It's simple and relaxing to fine your senses. Download: Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking for a guide. 

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