Saturday, August 29, 2015

Natural Reality

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and right doing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.~ Rumi

The truth renews us. Natural reality is your intuitive commitment to purpose. Sensual thinking is the body/heart/soul walk on the field of truth where we re-connect with curiosity and desire. 

When we follow curiosity and answer to our inner sense of right and wrong, we open to the unexpected and protected by the truth.  Reality is, that stress is part of the cultural agenda.  Protect yourself. Think sensual and see things differently..

Sensuality is stronger than stress. Let what you sense free your mind. Sense gratitude whenever possible and you will get a burst of fresh energy. Allow yourself to tune to what you smell, listen to words you hear, notice how you feel and what your eyes are hungry for. Then, intuitive desire lights your heart. To be sensual, use your mind to tune-in to your senses, and be interested in what you sense. 

Reality is spontaneous and always changing. By thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, simple perceptions shift inside the moment. Your dignity and curiosity stay on course. Something liberating and refreshing that happens to your self-image when you make a commitment to notice what you sense. Natural reality is not judgmental. You have nothing to fear.

Stress is not natural. It jams our ability to reason and saps desire. That’s why when we’re stressed, we ‘forget’ or ‘miss’ stuff. Mnemonic (ni-MON-ik) means, “assists the memory”. Sensual thinking is mnemonic. Noticing what you sense improves short and long term memory. Sensuality refreshes natural reality. 

It’s intuitive to stride toward happiness. By talking less and sensing more, there is an easy kind of awakening from the lock down of stress. Sensual thinking is uplifting. There is a natural connection with inner courage and a renewed sense of wonder. We recognize what feels deeply right, and that moment lights our passions. All it takes to think sensually, is desire.

You are born to be sublime. Find your greatness by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind. Real greatness is not measured by opinion; it’s cosmic. When you know you’ve done the right thing for the right reason, satisfaction cannot be taken from you. That's reality.

Thinking sensually brings natural reality into focus. Each sense is an independent point of reference. By simply allowing your mind to naturally respond to what you see, hear, taste, touch or smell, you realign your physical and emotional health. Natural reality is easy. 

Override stress by thinking sensually and the big picture comes into focus, bigger than you remember. The world around you unfolds with a new rhythm, like new music. Problems get smaller. Time expands when you are aware of what you sense. Then, happiness happens. Natural reality is not complicated.

 It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis. –Margaret Bonnan

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