Saturday, August 1, 2015

Don't think.

Beauty is not rational. Neither is intuition or Love. 
"Thinking" is overrated. Don't be so busy thinking, you miss what's right in front of your eyes.

Life morphs faster than the wind and is deeper than the ocean. Be sensual. This is your time. Don't let "thinking" slow you down.  

Thinking sensually takes you beyond every expectation by clarifying your unique identity. Life is amazing. You sense much faster than you think. Importantly, everything you sense connects with timing and your heart. Recognizing what feels right becomes tiny bubbles of confidence and completeness that power your day.

Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind is internal reasoning that constantly synthesizes the finest of who you are. Sensuality is never passive. Being present sensually, regularly stamps your ticket for exhilaration and love. 

Talk about intuition or sensuality and the conversation always turns to love. No matter who we are, we feel it moving inside us. Everyone seeks love and beauty No one describes exhilaration or love as 'rational'.  

Let beauty and wonder stimulate you because what you sense connects to your spirit - where tough love, inner gratitude and kindness are alive and well. Use sensual thinking to strengthen and clarify your sense of self. You will collaborate, communicate and innovate more effectively.

Don't confuse intuition with "thinking".  Instead of "reasoning", look at challenges by noticing what you sense. Simply notice what you notice. It will not be the same. You can be in a situation that looks like a dead end, turn around to see unexplored opportunities or beauty. Life is not rational.

Love is an amazing thing that has nothing to do with thinking. Depending on who is talking, there is an endless supply or a shortage. Love is always sensual. The more we give or accept love and kindness into our lives, the more we have to share. It doesn't even matter if it's returned or not, because our intuitive confidence thrives. 

Evolution is not rational while it's happening, yet it's happening all the time all over the world. We're becoming braver. Sensual thinking is a bridge of communication, paved with change. Relevant answers and exhilaration emerge unexpected. Don't miss it.


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