Friday, September 5, 2014

Hear the truth.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Image result for ostrich with head in the sand photoI purchased a JBL bluetooth speaker. The packaging said: Hear The Truth. It sounds easy. The catch 22 is, we have to listen to hear it. We have to be bold.
The truth is powerful, whether we acknowledge it or not. It's not always pleasant, but it always opens doors. Don't bury your head in the sand.

Truth is clear to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. As you think with your senses, things lose their emotional power and it's easier to be bold.  Your senses hold no emotional charge. They tell it like it is. 
 Tuning-in to the truth puts us in the fast lane of living. Feeling the truth is taking a walk on the wild side. It's being brave enough to live fully, knowing mystery and passion are part of the adventure. It's sensual living with no fear.

Truth is part of our innocence and passions.  Innocence is a private, inner free zone that connects with your dreams. Every person is born with a dream. Stay in touch with yours. Passion is the wild side of  innocence that is tattooed to your soul. It's determination to get the truth heard. 

The simplicity of what we sense, the honesty of what we feel, and the anchor of what we know from experience, keeps us vibrant. Staying 'real' keeps us in sync with change in our lives. It's sex appeal.  

Image result for ostrich with head in the sand photo
 The syllabus of Living is all about the truth. And, every generation has it's own language for saying what's real. We stay "young", "hip", "cool", "chill", 'synced', etc. when we hear the truth.  Everyone has access to what is true. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away. It makes us ostriches.

Between what we sense and what we know, is a bridge of connections. The foundation of every bridge that leads to happiness is truth.   
Hear the truth. 
Take a Walk On The Wild side with Lou Reed and have fun!
I purchased some plastic keys for a toddler that came with a tiny book of innocent and empowering truth from children. Listen for it:
  • "You know what? Not all dreams come true. But that's okay because you can always make new dreams." Katie, 4yrs and the book says, B. confident. 
    • Children remind us to be happy for no reason.
  • "Hey, look! All I need are some rose tops and I'll have roses!" Ryan, 5yrs after finding a bunch of rose stems on the ground, and the book says, B. optimistic.
    • Children are always industrious.
  • Son: "Do you get younger as I get older?"  Mom: "No, we both just get older." Son:" Hmmm.. Well, then where was I before I was here?" Sebastian, 2yrs and the book says B. curious.
    • Never give up. 


Book: Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power


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