Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking Back The Future

By opening worldwide communication in the mission to heal our planet, the whole human race is entering a new Humanitarian Age. 

Every person and every form of Life matters. We are taking back the future.

We breathe the same air and drink same water. That makes us globally one. As we work together to heal our planet, we heal ourselves. Nature’s and our future together, is about balance.  

We are thinking differently. Because of sensual syncing and the world wide web, we have a new continuous sense of global connection that will keep us working together for the greater good. 

To find balance, we're making sensory connections we recognize as attitudes of courage, dignity, tenacity and curiosity about our lives and feelings of gratitude for our planet. These feelings are global intuitive guides that form a collective moral force bringing us into a new Humanitarian Age. 

Like the world wide web, sensual thinking is everywhere. Sensual thinking is the simplicity of what we sense, the honesty of what we feel and the anchor of what we know from experience
  • Our senses keeps us aware of choices
  • Intuition guides us to choose the bigger perspective and long-term satisfaction. 
  • We connect with the energy of attitude. Sensual thinking is the balance of innovation with experience that keeps us in the groove of change.
Change is the new normal. Staying in step with change is done by staying clear about what does not change. Our ability to feel what is right does not change. In every crisis, every person has natural access to feel courage, dignity, patience, curiosity, determination, prudence, foresight, tenacity, grace and self-control in order to do what is right. In this way, we sensually sync and are never alone.

With over 300,000 people showing courage and tenacity by attending the Climate Change march this weekend in NYC, we have pushed past barriers of invisibility. Today, multiple organizations around the world have united to heal our planet. We are  braver. We are sensually syncing with an attitude of unity for our planet. Our lifeline is intuitive global values.  Our power is collaboration with transparent communication.  

Sensual thinking is the global language that
crosses all age and cultural boundaries and stays in sync with change. It provides a flexible, cohesive foundation for working together for the greater good. We already think with our senses and feel with our minds. 
We are working together.  Taking back the future has begun.

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