Saturday, March 18, 2017

Filter The Noise

photo by Giuseppe Bovo
Don't be frustrated. Talk without action is noise. Beat the noise. Many talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Sensual thinking is the intuitive way  to filter the noise and hook into action.

Sensuality is automatic. Skills, like seeing beauty, tasting food, smelling change, and hearing lies are intuitive musclesSensing exposes what's real and what's not. It's worth the workout. When you're aware of sensual thinking, you are vibrant, focused and clear. 

Intuition is a whisper of soul directing you to progress you cannot "see". The intuitive perspective refreshes your mind with a nudge or gut feeling. It keeps you resilient, excited, on the path of personal purpose.

Sensuality isn't aggressive. It's the power of a gentle touch. Intuition doesn't tell you what to do. It is not negative or judgmental. You feel a nudge or the hair on the back of your neck goes up or something nudges your gut, and ultimately you choose Destiny. 

Sensual thinking is natural focus that nourishes the spirit and detoxes the mind. Intuitive tools are filters that bring confidence to our thinking. Things are always changing. There is no need to memorize answers because you can keep an open mind. Be curious and sense what feels right. 

When there is a lot of information, the mind wanders. Sensing keeps your mind engaged with the present and the big picture in focus. Senses and intuitive tools create bridges of inspiration and good judgment. Natural sensuality exposes connection. We tune to energy around us - to know what and who to be involved with, and who to avoid.

Intuitive energy drives action from something deep inside. We call it many things: soul, passion, inspiration, or gut feeling. Your 6th sense filters the noise, to send you - doing, being, finding, opening, leaving. affirming what feels true at your core. Sensual thinking keeps you tuned to your truth. 

Thinking with your senses instantly refreshes enthusiasm for comfort feeings: like Truth, Freedom, and Love. Everything you sense has a purpose. Listen to know what is real. You are always the sum of your potential. Be loyal to your heart. Filter out noise that muffles your passions. Share eye-contact  all the time. Laugh more.

Life is short.  Sense Honor and Character. Close your eyes and think of Peace. Remember what you see. Large scale challenges are solved with a big picture perspectiveYou are part of the whole picture. 

No matter what's happening, the music plays on. We are always dancing. Tell your dreams to the shining stars. There is something holy deep inside you. Have courage. Take action. Thriving is never passive. 
Pink Floyd: Talk To Me

Monday, March 6, 2017


Every minute matters. Time is for healing. It's evolutionary. Time is our ride.
Living is a date-stamped kaleidoscope of change
We are energy and soul riding time, catching starlight and dirt along the way. 
We inhale cosmic storms of hunger, pollution, anger and Love. 
Potential for change is in our hands. There are no limits on ways to heal. 

We are family. Around the web we join like capillaries on the breast of time. Sensuality is our spectacular body, mind, soul connection. Hunger for change is part of healing. Life needs us and we need to grow and heal together. The creative experience of change has a passionate edge of connection. It's challenging and delicious

In the kaleidoscope of living, cultural boundaries, generational issues and religious isolation are dissolving because we share global energy. Vital environmental needs and technology are stripping the past from our thinking and pulling us together. We are thinking younger - less about limits and more about potential. Connections lubricate and excite us to sync with Destiny and purpose. 

We need each other. Millions in South Sudan urgently need food. Global hunger is physical, mental, spiritual and social drive that tunes to health and healing. Starvation brings death. Clean food, air and water are bigger news than politics. Intuitively we know this. 

Today is full the unexpected and unimaginable. Potential is an upgrade. Sensual thinking keeps us in the comfort zone of connection where we are open to the unknown. It's how we see change comingLife is great. Intuitive connections shine, tickle, signal, buzz, nudge flash and pulse. 

Surprises are the language of thrillSense who you are and you will understand where you belong. Love Life. There are endless ways to heal, learn and work together. Loving is the language of sensual caress, a direct soul infusion. Bath in it with your naked heart

With mouth, eyes, ears and heart you can understand boundaries and make wise connections. Ride the changing musical kaleidoscope of love, colors, light and touch. Living turns and tunes to good and bad because all of it is amazing. Be kind. #janebernard