Saturday, February 8, 2014

Connect with Desire

Photo by Giuseppe Bovo
A person connected with their desires lights up the room. Ask anyone living their dream and they will tell you that it feels like truth or magic or faith. 

The 'truth' is something we feel and no matter how much the words may change, everyone can recognize it. 

We're not here to think, we're here to feel the excitement and joy of being alive. Desire is that feeling.

Desire for love, companionship and personal satisfaction connects with what feels like truth and purpose. Instincts are driven by our senses, which is why desire is never static. 

We are always someplace between chaos and order on the path of completing our destiny. They say we can't walk away from the truth because it's always with us. That's a relief! 

Communicating desires takes courage. The truth is not always popular. But, it is always liberating and that feels good!  Communicating desires and purpose is getting easier. In the past we had language barriers. Technology has given us the same language. We are connecting with our eyes, fingers, ears and values we share, like dignity and courage.

Sensual thinking is the universal way to think with our senses and feel with our minds. It is how we recognize, connect and share what we desire. Sensing is how we know our truth. At our foundation, we are all the same, we can feel right and wrong. Stay curious.

Desires are completed when we stay in step with change. Life constantly propels us towards new opportunities, new understandings and new relationships. Being tuned-in to makes sense. Considering energy we feel with our minds is how we protect ourselves from what feels wrong and how we stay with what we desire. 

The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin, 1967.  Transcend time, feel energy spiraling through the universal. Feel the excitement.

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~ E.Phillpotts


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  1. Brilliant in one word.
    Naturally in another.
    As things should be.
    Socrates spoke about seeking 'the golden mean'; the mid-point between the extremes.
    Par example: neither parsimonious nor profligate, but generous as the mean.
    In my own realm the main focus is on allowing things to happen, and making things happen.

    The best of both worlds.
    But it starts with knowing thyself deeply, honestly, without judgement.
    For 45 years Waldo Emerson has been my guide, teacher, mentor, shaman and dear friend.
    "A Year With Emerson,' ed. and selected by Richard Grossman.
    What I read each and every morning with my first cup of java.
    Works for moi.....