Thursday, March 12, 2015


Everyone holds a luminous jewel, a treasure, inside. It is our heart's heart. 

Humanity is a precious gemstone of weightless energy. Each of us is a unique facet on the gem of humanity. With our individual scuffs and sexy edges, there is constant energy and sparkle. Let yourself shine.

Loving and living is feeling and sharing energy. All energy makes constant freestyle connections with your 6 senses. That's why there are no limits to Love. That's the treasure. Uncover your treasure by thinking sensually. Let yourself feel the touch of your senses and the beat of your heart's heart. 

With laughter, freedom, dance and love, we merge to be guardians of truth. Your spark is inner treasure you own. It flows right under your skin with purpose, with light and destiny

We are humanity in flux. Communication  blossoming with techno-change unites us with common intuitive wisdom that trends. We sense time differently, because we're thinking faster. Trust your unique spark to shine your treasure. Thinking sensually is a holistic way of understanding and connection inside a bigger picture.. Sensing is a new/ancient way to think. You are doing it now.

There is energy everywhere. When timing and dreams vibrate with energy that feels good and true, that will be your path and become your partner. Live with courage and dignity. Let your inner spark guide you with priceless strategies through challenges. Discover, by thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind, there are no limits to enjoying the treasures of life.

With patience, let yourself evolve. Be prepared to laugh more. Perhaps today, someone you like will realize they have feelings for you, or a person who you respect will realize you have good ideas. Maybe a stranger will find pleasure in your company, or someone you love will learn from you. We are all here to help each other. 
  • Listen with your eyes and ears to discover what isn't being said. 
  • Touch with your mind, heart & senses to feel and be healed. 
  • See to have insights that transcend time. 
  • Inhale love and magic. Exhale exhaustion and doubt. 
  • Taste to know deep satisfaction and to digest understanding. 
  • Be kind for no reason.
Until you die, your treasure is fully present inside of you. Notice what you notice. It's so easy.
Wink at the moon, feel a breeze cross your cheek, remember who you love. 
Enjoy music to unwind, dance with freedom and refresh connections with your heart's heart. 


Neil Young: Searching for a Heart of Gold..
"Every one holds a luminous jewel; all embrace a precious gem. If you do not turn your attention around and look within, you will wander from home with a hidden treasure."~ Dogen, 13th c.

 Fine Tuning Your Sensual Thinking is a simple book you can open to any page like an oracle. It guides you to sense more.

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