Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 Simple is what we sense.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius

Simple stuff to consider: You can see things more clearly, taste more to eat less, touch to renew your spirit, smell and be amazed, and hear humor, music, love and connection. Your senses keep life simple by keeping you in sync with change.

When you notice what you notice, your senses reveal opportunities and passions.  Respond with an open mind to what you notice. Keep it simple. Often we complicate relationships with a knee-jerk response that resists what we notice.
To keep things simple, trust what feels deeply right. For example, we may sense that something needs to change, but rarely consider it's us. Be honest with yourself. No one is perfect. Notice and trust your gut feeling. Personal courage is directly linked with patience and passion. Use it to keep things simple.  

I recently gave a talk about how to beat writer's block, and a participant commented, "You make it all so simple." Yes, it is simple. We make things complicated by ignoring our own dignity.  

Noticing what you notice makes it easy to get out of your own way. Just like writers hit blocks, there are roadblocks in every life. Fighting change is how we lose touch with momentum and good timing. 
Instead use sensual thinking to read the signs.
Things that are supposed to stay with us do, and the stuff that's over, doesn't. Everything happens as a response to change that is already part of the stream of living. Notice what you sense. Stay in the flow of your life and steer it with dignity and courage. 

Newton said, 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'. This means when you fight change, it gets complicated, and when you go with it, you discover new options and the sensual power of momentum to achieve your dreams

Trust that what feels honorable and right, is. Keep it simple.

Change in your life is not an option; harmony is. 

 Elton John - Harmony

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  1. I'm reminded of that great quote for advertising and writers: KISS. Keep it simple stupid!
    We do have a talent as humans for making things way more difficult than it has to be.
    thanks for sharing your insight.