Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fighting Change

We can either fight change or learn from it. Changes happen because it's natural for us to evolve.  Fighting change, because we're afraid of it, comfortable or satisfied with where we are, is arrogant, useless & ultimately painful.

Ideas about change float through the environment through conversations until a time comes for them to be realized. Philosophy of Experience, which is Sensual Thinking, is an idea whose time has come. It is the key that makes it possible to go with changes to take advantage of the technical evolution of our times. Sensual Thinking is transparent. This philosophy makes it easy to be relaxed & benefit with changes in your life and in our world. This way of thinking brings the experience of connecting with purpose as sensual thinking, guided by universal values, into daily living.

Change is a natural fact of living. That doesn't mean we understand it. A lot of what we don't understand, we accept, such as, how people are born or that the ocean is salty, or having a bad night's sleep or getting a broken heart. We know, at our core, we can control just one thing - our own thoughts. That's why the only way to change things is by changing how we think.

Fighting change puts us back to where we were before the change began. Then, we have to begin again to relearn what has already been learned. This is how devastating cycles happen in our world. It's a drag. We can stop this by evolving with change, that is: evolving our minds and ourselves so that we think differently.

Thinking with our senses and feeling with our minds, instead of fighting change, unwinds our point of view. We can suspend disbelief while holding firmly onto global values that keep us true to ourselves. It's protective, refreshing, invigorating & brings answers into focus. It's 21st century thinking.

Let's all be Sensual Thinkers. By thinking differently, we can discover enduring new solutions for old problems. Together, we can move forward with change.

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