Sunday, March 18, 2018

Peace of mind is priceless.

No guns in a peaceful state of mind.

Trust where your spirit leads. You are born complete and to be truly happy. Honor Life. 
Personal power is your personal responsibility. 
We are born to co-create - not to take life away or box it in. You are born with dreams and passion to learn/do/have/be. Any place of living, learning or loving thrives with inner ease and outer peace. We are each born with a soul that is spontaneous, free and smart

A good education encourages freedom and teaches our children to sense inner courage and self-respect. This intuitive sensing brings easy traction to the fullness of living. Inner honesty learned through self reliance is personal strength. It leads to a dependable wholesome way of personal achievement because your heart, head and mind are in-sync. Sensual thinking is a peaceful state of mind.

Being human means satisfying natural appetites for learninglove and freedomTo know what’s real, sense what’s relevantDignity and common sense are intuitive tools for success. School is for learning and understanding what's relevant. There is no place for guns in schools.

Life challenges and inspires everyone. School is where we learn we can use common sense to rise to the occasion. That's the way to be great.

Everything changes. That's what life is about. Freedom, justice, morality and purpose are always relevant. They matter today. Sensing these values protects your spirit with dignity and develops your mind to use common sense.

Peace, like fear, is a state of mind. Empathy creates a peaceful state of mind. We associate peace with love and we associate guns with pain.  Guns inhibit thinking by promoting a fear-driven state of mind. This is toxic. 

Stress from being surrounded by guns is virtual coding that jams reasoning and healthy emotions. If guns are in schools, student's learning curve will be mentally controlled. Worse, guns in schools deny students the personal dignity, to lead change. Dignity is common sense.

Using common sense is how young adults discover resilience to create the future – for all of us. 
Healthy learning is bonding through new ideas and sharing active empathy. This accounts for spiritual magic that ultimately brings joy

Everyone has a dream. Don't tell others what to think. Dreaming is hope. A mind flexible to explore dreams and be in tune with what matters becomes wise. 

We go to school to learn to be our highest potential.  The environment is designed to build confidence and wisdom by inspiring open thinking with protective awareness of the bigger picture. Free expression, embracing change, knowing personal courage and finding purpose is how we learn to sense reality through a lens of empathy that guides successful decisions. 

foto by Jonathan Meye 
Understanding what endures is the power of knowing what's real. It is the source of  inner brilliance

Dreams are important. When hearts, minds and soul are respected, the music of our dreams play louder.

Your intuition is as powerful as any weapon, as intimate as your fingerprints, as erotic as your tongue and as steady as your heart. 
Intuition is the voice of soul.

The sweet experience of understanding personal satisfaction is a peaceful state of mind. 
Train yourself to seek liberty and see opportunity. Be intuitive. Everything worth having takes commitment and staying power. Stay with love you can sense. Depend on your senses. Relax your heart, mind and eyes to walk with light.  #janebernard