Thursday, August 22, 2013


Nature is the master of change and secrets.
Some secrets are like seeds. They are revealed when the time and conditions are ready. This is a time of blooming.  Bloom with style.

Like a spark inside a ray of sunlight, you are part of the bigger picture. It's no secret that it's time to think differently. Feel energy from music and also from moonlight. You are part of nature.

To understand how to thrive with change, notice what you sense. Your eyes, mouth, ears, heart, skin and mind are multidimensional energy like inhaling sunlight.

Sensing is using your intuition like a search engine, to make wise decisions. Thinking sensually connects with wisdom and fun. Natural potential to think differently will astound you.

Being wise is a physical commitment. It is determination. Determination is the intuitive way to avoid pitfalls of the matrix of passive thinking. Determination is a tool of both the mind and heart. It is clear and intuitive.  Feeling determined is how we feel intuitive power with our minds. It's sensual thinking.

Like all things worth doing  blooming takes effort. Determination is the fuel. It has been said that how things are in the world is a reflection of the accumulated effort of people to follow the good within themselves. Tune-in to you ~

Secret #1 : Wisdom is physical. Effort counts.
While technology revolutionizes sense awareness, tuning us into social and world change, old ideas locked-in hidden secrets inhibit us. Talking less and sensing more keeps the big picture clear. Think with your senses. Feel with your mind. Secrets of change are hidden in plain view.

Secret #2 : Change the way you think and things will change.
Common fears and 'beliefs' are secrets mostly commercially generated. In fact, even though there is more 'fear' talked about than ever, gun violence is decreasing in big cities. Truth becomes obvious when we're curious. Be curious. This is a liberating time of uncovering secrets in our lives that are lies. We call it transparency.

.."the biggest problem we have is not security, it is openness and communication."
MAYOR BOB FILNER, of San Diego on the opening of a satellite city office across the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico.

Transparent thinking is clarity from openness we sense when we're in sync with the music in our heat. It's stepping outside of dogma to recognize ideas that feel right. Thinking with your senses and feeling withy our minds makes it clear that, no matter how different politically or personally are, we are a world community. The way to create enduring social change is to do it together. Nature finds balance in diversity and so can we.

Universal intuitive values nurture us with openness and communication to weigh options and trust ourself. Sensing honesty reveals opportunities. It's as important to know what we don't like as it is to know what we do. Determination is passion of the soul. Using it to uncover secrets is the way to access to dreams and values. Sensual thinking connects with the magic.

?Magic or Thinking Differently?

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