Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sensual Thinking Bridge

Sensual thinking is a bridge to the future. It's organic access to answers you can trust to refresh your life. The result of noticing what you sense brings automatic advantages of momentum and an ease with changes that are part of life. You become who you are meant to be, without losing touch with who you are. 

Thinking sensually is recognizing and responding with the power of all 6 senses. It is opening your eye as if it's the first time. Noticing what you notice unlocks answers that are in front of your nose. Feeling intuitive values like dignity, curiosity and courage with your mind is a sensual experience that easily exposes new solutions that make sense to your heart and body. Imagine knowing what to do by scent, or understanding love with music, or working more effectively with your eyes closed. Imagine recognizing your sense of truth and having access to courage and dignity 24/7. 

Sensual Thinking is our natural way of communicating with attitude and heart. It's the experience where what you need, connects with what you want.  You grasp the heart connection by feeling universal intuitive values like courage and patience. Responding is effortless.

The philosophy of experience, called Sensual Thinking, is a collaboration of innovation with wisdom. It’s a fresh way of thinking by connecting with the bigger perspective. We're moving across the bridge of time to a Humanitarian age. Because our senses sync with change, this is a natural way to release stress. When the big picture is clear, you feel confidence. Sensual thinking is not a conversation; it’s an experience.

No matter who you are, an open mind is enduring power.  Curious#Happenings are opening access to this new way to think with your senses and feel with your mind. It’s exciting. Connect with your innocence and your passions, be curious.

This short video, created by a 20 year old for a “U@50” contest by AARP, won 2nd place. When they showed it, the audience burst into spontaneous applause. ***This video reads and says the exact opposite backwards as forwards. It’s a great mind bender. Watch the whole thing. It's great!

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