Monday, May 28, 2018

No Permission Required

Innovations and unexpected change are whiplash rewiring our brains.  We have more options than ever before. No one controls your mind but you. That's power. It's yours. You do not need permission to think for yourself. 
Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

Every day, as your body and mind go through changes, your heart and soul stay tuned to deeper values that are intuitive. You can feel it. No permission is needed to speak the truth.

Everything you sense connects with energy. Energy is not always rational but it’s real. No permission is required to be courageous.  

Stretch your arms and legs. Turn your head slowly all the way to the right, then slowly, all the way to the left. The way you stretch your body is the way you stretch your mind. With a gentle focus on what you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, life expands. Free your mind from chains of input and regain your elastic sense of wonder. No permission is required to visit the unknown.

Wonder is intuitive magic that fans the flame in your heart. The sun is a ball of fire. What heat sparked that blaze? Imagine the passion! Everyone has private passions. It is amazing. 

Sensing what matters opens the way between mental clutter and perfect timing. It’s instant perspective where things come together. Intuitive insights drive wise decisions so that good choices are active compassion. When your mind is clear, it’s obvious that honoring your spirit is common sense. Yes, you have it. Be extraordinary. No permission required.

Intuitive radar is your effortless tool to sense priorities and magic, often with a gentle nudge or an ‘aha’. Ignoring your intuition is like ignoring a red light, the sound of crying or the look of Love. You don’t need to wait for the nod of others to trust what you sense. You don’t need permission to feel what mattersYou don't need permission to love yourself. 

Life is ticklish beyond words and we are supposed to feel the touch. Every unique heart beats sacred rhythms of movement, connection, longing and joy. Light, sound, electricity and excitement flow through you. You inhale, swallow and digest energy to update the hard drive of your mind. Living is multidimensional morphing with endless possibilities.

Vital connections are exciting. Sensing with your mind signals that the universe has given you power to follow your heart. No permission is required to be original. 

Be fabulous. It's the privilege of a lifetime to become who you truly are. #CarlJung #JaneBernard