Sunday, February 24, 2013

Effective Connections

Connections aren't always physical. Sometimes they are mind to mind – like texting and instagram – or an intuitive nudge. Mind to mind link-ups are a combination of sensual, emotional and physical insight.

Dynamic communication is exciting. It feels like curiosity or respect. We look, listen, taste and touch to find and hope to feel what's right. Cellular focus is sensual thinking where we discover ourselves inside the bigger picture. Spontaneouly there are insights. Responsibilities and opportunities are in focus and in-sync with our deepest passions and priorities drive smart, long-term choices.

Seeing the big picture is how we nourish each other. Mind to mind connections affirm values and cultivate good timing, intimacy and love – that builds confidence and resilience.  When rhythms and understandings are in-tune with change, love comes easily. We understand what our heart needs.

Timing is important. For good timing, we balance big picture responsibilities with personal priorities, and find a steady ease. Communication grows with heightened pleasure and trust. 

Sensual syncing is instant awareness of clarity where we unwind and connect organically. Texting, focused with eyes, mind and hands simultaneously, is pure sensual meditation

Comparisons between change in the 60's and change now cannot be denied. Instead of Vietnam, we have blatant greed and corruption uniting us to create, innovate and collaborate for the greater good. It makes sense; we're different. We can be real without being cynical or foolhardy.

We grok our environment and each other for boundaries of Humanity. Life is a dance of blending energies and sharing the thrills of balance and Love

Balanced intuitive  insights are connections keep us in our comfort zone of effective connections. Mind to mind through music, eye contact or eating we can stay satisfied and in-tune with shared values.

The big picture is changing from a world steeped in the past to a bold, wiser, peaceful new world – a blend that feels like balance. 

Our prize is to work together, recognizing and sharing jewels from the present and the past that unite and uplift humanity, and letting the rest fade away. Power is in the hands of those who want to see.

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