Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change = The New Normal.

 Sensual Thinking is your 360 °connection. 

It is the multi-media reality check that links potential with change. 

Thinking sensually is a rhythm of constant reinvention.

Our 5 senses keep us directly in tune with the present so that we don't go through red lights, walk into walls or drink scalding hot tea. Our 6th sense, intuition, is the way we feel with our mind to clear away psychological noise in order to tune-in to, identify and respond to important signals.
With intuitive icons, like courage, dignity and foresight, we easily define long-term priorities. Thinking sensually creatively guides enduring solutions to social problems.
Sensual thinking is holistic. It's a 360 ° portal to the big picture of our word. Thinking with your senses and feeling with your mind reboots your perspective, 24/7. This keeps you clear about your goal no matter what happens. Thinking with your senses keep you in step with the moment.  Being in sync with change is the most natural way to see potential, hazard and best opportunities. Using your 6th sense to tap into iconic values and filter hype is the spontaneous way to safely and productively navigate change.

Search engine living and multi-task thinking are facts. The past, with linear thinking and singular focus, is history. Today, we know that if we google for an answer, that the right one will be the one that feels right. We are already thinking with our senses.

Much travesty of the past was the result of physical and intellectual isolation. Thanks to the interwebs, today is a time of global connection. We are one world. We hear still, small voices and respond with our own. There is power in numbers.

Our world vision is transparent. We don't like injustice. Slowly, the bullies are becoming out numbered by the masses. The new Humanitarian age is not going to happen overnight, but change for the greater good is already happening every day.

We have a new way to see the future. Because today we text, skype, blog, ignore time zones and have no limit on content access, we are free! Use your freedom wisely. The important thing we have in common is our ability to use our connections for the common good.

In the flux of change, using your senses with your mind will make a difference. You can screen and filter choices and decisions while staying in touch with the big picture. Accessing the power of all 6 senses is not a secret for a select few monks and it's not for 'intellectuals'. It's so simple that every child does it.

Your unique perspective of connection and the power to create the future is fueled by the times we live. Vibrations through your eyes, hands, a bud in your ear or the ‘phone’ in your pocket, make you an important part of today. Our new Humanitarian age is full of adventure and risk. Thinking sensually is the way to fortify yourself with concrete skills and strategies to cross the bridge of change.


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