Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We, the people..

Sensual thinking is code for understanding and driving change. 

Freedom always matters. It's clear that dignity and humanity balance the scale of justiceGrok what you are told. Anticipate with your senses to understand how things really come together. 

Look with your heart to find answers that work. Solve the problem and make life easier. Turn over what you understand to investigate what's real. Participate. The truth is a powerful thing. 
The people -- the people -- are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts -- not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.  ~ #AbeLincoln 

Honor, foresight and courage wrote the Declaration of Independence and cobbled a system for equitable humanity 241 years ago. Our system needs an update. It’s the job of the people, by the people and for the people to evolve the system and maintain continuity of positive innovative disruption. We, the people - have the humane touch. 

Step outside of the storyline and see things as they really are

Every choice you make matters. Don't compromise what you value. Instead, merge with infinite possibilities you can sense. Be brave. Stay fabulous. The future is yours to create. Use courage to look deeper and listen harder. It's smart to be curious and weigh options. Think for yourself. Sense justice. Do what feels right and keep your sense of humorStay alertChange that brings joy is usually unexpected.

Continuity is organic transitioning. This is a (r)evolutionary time. Justice and Freedom matter. What you choose to do can change everything. Being alive is the responsibility to Live fully. It's a balance of responsibility and splendor. Stay tuned to your humane touchLife is amazing.

Democracy is not capitalism. 

Capitalism is an economic system that unintentionally rewards greed. Greed breeds corruption. Democracy is a responsible way of productively, efficiently working together for quality of life. We can create a healthy economic/political system that syncs with the eco-system of humanity

Change is constant. 

Options and opportunities are unlimited. It's time to take meaningful action and move forward to create a new humanitarian/terra age where balance, justice and freedom reign. We can upgrade 1776, and return democracy to a universal honor code.

We each possess a wise organic human touch of flexibility and balance. Focus on where you want to go with a fresh mind, not tied to dogma or commercial 'reality'.  Notice what smells good to sense code and stay clear about what deeply matters.
                                                ...Stay hungry, stay foolish. #SteveJobs

Sunday, June 18, 2017

the full experience

Sensuality delivers to both sides of your brain. It's the full experience. 

What you sense, you can savor and grasp with your mind and feel with heart. 

Sensual thinking incorporates both sides of the brain. It is the organic way we balance, understand and evolve with disruption and completion

By sensing what feels honorable, dignified and enduring, you hang-on to a path of rewarding connections. Sensing is how to steer toward happiness and away from danger. Our senses link with beauty, hunger, danger and desire. Sensing naturally links with "a sense of humor", good timing and momentum. Sensuality updates reasoning with a human touch. It's always a complete experience. 

Every day has natural rhythms. Sensing is how we sync with melodies for survival, resilience and Love. If we ignore what we sense there's a block, we're off-key - disharmony. 

It's easy to sense what’s framing, inspiring or blocking change. That's how we 'get' what matters and understand ways to take action. The human touch of sensuality guides personal honor, Love, courage and curiosity. These intuitively stimulate  compassion and drive follow-through. Sensual coding is the key to deep satisfaction. We thrive with the full experience.

The excitement of sensual understanding is a gift that enriches and defines purpose. It's a liberating ability to sense direction beyond the obvious. Sensual reasoning occurs spontaneously - at every age.  The intuitive part of our thinking is independent and not jaded.  Kids automatically 'get it'. Trust what you sense is right and honorable and Life gets easier.

A lifetime is uncharted. Intuitive reasoning, driven by curiosity, innocence, passion and concern drives us forward toward our dreams and the big picture. Having intuition does not automatically indicate success. It indicates the potential. Like all things, it's up to us to put the work and effort into developing our talents and abilities. 

Time is our ride. Sensing is natural code for solving problems and making connections. Punch your ticket with sensual insightsUse both sides of your brain and have the full experience.


Sunday, June 4, 2017


Intuition is the nudge of soul that curls the edges of our mouths upward. It’s beautiful. The gut feeling is a deeply honest, transcendent, vibrational sensuality pointing us to be our personal best. We are born to exceed the usual limits.

Syncing with soul teaches that what we want and what we need are not always the same. An intuitive nudge is the filter to see, hear, taste, touch and smell the whole picture. Sensual thinking is a flamboyant embrace. At our core, we are pure cosmic soul navigating time. 

Sensual thinking is natural transcendence that assures balance and satisfaction where unshadowed passions pass effortlessly. Life is always change. It’s intuitive to sense the thrill of direction, joy and purpose. Still, like waves on the ocean there is an undertow we need to navigate.

From erotic to enlightened, from artistic to noble the only real boundaries that make sense are dignity, courage and compassion. Wisdom is power. Truth and passion are its messengers. Be a messenger, feel your power. Sensual connections with reason, focus and passion are endless. 

Honor yourself. Sensuality is our bedrock of balance and connection. A clear mind trusts what matters because we can see, feel, taste and smell it. Our senses parade touchstones of memory. Take Life to the next level. Feel your soul. Sense happiness. You naturally sense what you need. Needs are honorable. Desire is human. Ultimately you desire what you need. 

Transcendence is a mind-body experience. No matter what is happening, your senses tune to energy of reasoning with dignity. You can use eye contact to make smarter choices. Listen closer to hear the truth. Taste Life with your whole mouth and tongue to savor it. Sensing activates vital connections that keep you balanced in the bigger picture automatically steering toward dignified choices. Sensuality is smooth and easy.

Change flows through our lives like waves on the ocean of time. There is rhythm and silence. Our souls are blown, soothed and excited by winds of passion. We hang on with all six senses searching for renewal - another chance, another way, another reason.   

Sensual thinking is a state of mind - in sync with transcendence. Savor and respect yourself and your dreams. Every minute matters.

“There is always this aspect of transcendence… something shifting, something changing..” Jeff Koons