Friday, April 24, 2015

The Gift

What you sense is never random. 

Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant  and has forgotten the gift.” 

Use the gift. Your eyes, ears, taste, touch and smell are intuitive portals to creativity and understanding. . Importantly, intuitive sensing is how you recognize good timing and know purpose. Everything you sense keeps you grounded and in touch with the bigger picture.

Simple sensing auto-syncs with the present and momentum. Your senses constantly refresh emotional and creative options. Without sensual connections, we become isolated, angry, anxious and disappointed. Sensuality is the gift of connection that makes Life great.

You are naturally sensual. Thinking sensually, all day you take leaps of faith and click what 'feels' right. That's how love happens 'spontaneously'. What you sense and what you choose to respond to is intuitive thinking.  When you think intuitively, it's natural to spontaneously connect with humorcouragecharacter, charisma and creativity.  

Balancing wisdom with innovation keeps you clear priorities and values during times of change. Sensual thinking is the highway to your highest potential. There are always new ways of understanding how things come together and new growing pains. Thinking with  6 senses focuses on a fulfilled, heathly, meaningful track.  Intuitiong keeps a the power of perspective clear.

In the past, we trusted the system or dogma for solutions - even if it was broken/out-dated or corrupt. We were taught ‘absolute answers’ that we ‘needed to accept’. In this way, we were taught to learn by accepting limits. The past is behind us. 

 Justice is working together in harmony. It is not all being the same.This is time of collaboration without limits. Use the gift to sense love, fairness and harmony. Accept what feels ‘right’ and reject what is wrong. How you choose to respond is unique. Intuition is inner focus on purpose and communication. A gut feeling is the 'gift' of a 'call to action'.

Think with your senses to keep inspiration, satisfaction and help at your fingertips – without guilt, judgment or cruelty. Use what you sense to adapt to change that frees you to think outside the box. Your unique sensuality is a multidimensional.

Intuition is something you feel, not something you think. Self-respect is happiness and dignity. It is the surprising aphrodisiac that brings satisfaction. Use your gifts to open your multidimensional mind. Decide to notice what you notice and you will sync with change and stream with success. Enjoy the gift of  Life.

Intuitive tools.

The left column is language that referred to iconic intuitive tools in the 20th century. The right column is how we word them today.
Old Speak                                                     Today
Foresight                                                       self-defense
Patience                                                         space to breathe
Curiosity                                                       senses, mind, spirit, heart
Prudence                                                       options
Tenacity                                                        commitment to myself
Dignity                                                          self-respect
Determination                                              follow through, tough love
Self-Discipline                                              intuition
Courage                                                        my lifeline
Grace                                                            personal forgiveness

An open mind means you control fresh choices and your future. 
Be your potential: Think Sensually.



  1. Powerful knowledge that is ,in just two statements,a lifetime of struggle to achieve.
    Simple sensing auto-syncs with the present and momentum
    Intuition is something you feel, not something you think.